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I became an innate sacred
I became an innate sacred

I became an innate sacred

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  • Updated:2024-07-19 00:48
The novel "I Became a Congenital Divine" novel is created by writer Gu Yue Guangli, and the whole novel network provides the full text of the latest chapter of the Hong Famine, I Became a Congenital Divine Free Reading and txt Download: The Flood World, Pangu opened the world, wanted to open up the eternal world, and preached the realm of eternal immortality. The Chaos Demon God was suppressed by Pangu Town, and the desolate world had an immeasurable amount of evil energy; Evil qi evolves into fierce beasts and destroys heaven and earth; until the flood is destroyed. Antarctica was born in Nanshan as a congenital sacred, and was born with the realm of a god king. At the beginning, Antarctica traveled to Buzhou Mountain, traveled to know Hongyun, and got the opportunity to get the Tao in Buzhou Mountain; After Lei Ze, he went to the western continent of the Flood Wilderness to hunt fierce beasts and collect cultivation resources; Meet the Innate Divine Styx; After that, Styx and the protagonist hunt fierce beasts in the Wild Western Continent;

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