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Two lifetimes of eternal life
Two lifetimes of eternal life

Two lifetimes of eternal life

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  • Updated:2024-05-27 04:18
The novel "Two Worlds of Eternal Life" is created by the writer Fat Tiger Press, and the whole novel network provides the full text of the latest chapter of the two worlds of eternal life for free reading and txt download: Xianwu Universe, the trace of immortality is difficult to find, the immortal road is not visible, and the cultivator cannot escape death even if he is outstanding. Tsui Hark, a time-traveler, had been in the world for three years before he got a chance to set foot in practice, but as he traveled farther and farther, his invisible will often made him feel like he was on someone else's chessboard. It wasn't until Tsui Hark discovered the true secret of Shang Tongmo Fang in his hand that he had the opportunity to jump out of the chessboard, and Tsui Hark began to pursue eternal life, he walked on his own path, not caring about the eyes of others, and died without regrets!

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