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Beauty will plan
Beauty will plan

Beauty will plan

  • Category:Wuxia
  • Words:2.54万+
  • State:Complete
  • Updated:2024-05-26 16:51
The novel "Beauty General" is created by writer Shi Qing, and the full novel network provides the full text of the latest chapter of Beauty General Strategy for free reading and txt download: [Rebirth Text: The Second Female General V Belly Black Male Protagonist] [Woman Dressed as a Man] The general was named the generalissimo of the world's soldiers and horses at the age of sixteen. Boy: "Do you remember that bamboo forest?" General: "Remember, so what? Do you want to fight again?" The boy shook his head and smiled lightly: "I just want to see the general scatter again." The general frowned, not speaking. Later, the general in silver armor and white robe, standing alone on the city wall, untied the hairband with his hand, his hair flew and his appearance was overwhelming

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