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You are allowed to be hired
You are allowed to be hired

You are allowed to be hired

  • Category:Wuxia
  • Words:4.54万+
  • State:Writing
  • Updated:2024-05-22 13:47
The novel "Xu You Jiangshan Are Hired" is created by the writer Qi Tuzi, and the whole novel network provides the full text of the latest chapter of Xu You Jiangshan is Hire, free to read and txt download: [Once crossed, the soul that had been sleeping for thousands of years woke up again, what kind of secrets and fate did she carry?] - My people, died for me, what reason can I not avenge them?!—— I would like to stand by his side forever, accompany him through all the wind and rain and sunshine in this world, instead of becoming his vassal and burden. - As long as he is born, he wants me to have a pair of eyes, so what?! [Wait beyond time and space, open your eyes again, everything in the world returns to the original point, she is born, he is willing to hire the country and share the splendid mountains and rivers with her, she dies, he will turn the world into purgatory, and make sacrifices for her funeral!] - Once, me

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