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A reborn business dragon
A reborn business dragon

A reborn business dragon

  • Category:Urban
  • Words:5.66万+
  • State:Writing
  • Updated:2024-05-26 17:04
The novel "The Reborn Business Lord" novel is created by the writer Changsam Character Farmer, and the whole novel network provides the full text of the latest chapter of the reborn business Tyrant for free reading and txt download: The reporter asked: "Now that the global economy is taking off at a high speed, there is no shortage of hidden turbulent consortium interests and national conflicts, how to balance the powerful relationship between this?" Ye Chen replied sonorously: "Balance? Any consortium predator who vainly tries to disrupt the financial order of China, no matter who it is, I will let him understand the truth of the whale swallowing the predator." The reporter asked again: "The big era is coming, how should we manage our own future?" Ye Chen was silent for a long time, "Under the big era, there are eggs." ”...... In the era of rebirth, we will go against the current and build momentum, follow the law of interests, and not talk about feelings, but only talk about returns. Leverage and stand tall in the east, and all roads of chaebol dare to make times!

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