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Honor of the Star
Honor of the Star

Honor of the Star

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  • Updated:2024-07-17 09:17
The novel "Star Medal" is created by the writer day and night, and the whole novel network provides the full text of the latest chapter of Star Hero for free reading and txt download: I come, I conquer! Star Medal has half of me!Beauty, bel canto, body + technology, Liu Ruihua makes beauty and stars............ Liu Ruihua, an expert in Chinese sound and optoelectronics, and a top student of the broadcasting and film academies, has magically traveled back to the entertainment circle in the 90s? China Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment, Korean Entertainment, Japanese Entertainment, Grammys, Hollywood, and World Entertainment -- unfolded a magnificent scene! The Voice of China -- Without my dream mentor Liu Ruihua, there would be no champion! Grammy Awards -- Best Newcomer of the Year? Thanks to the lyrics, songs, and recordings Liu Ruihua! I am the world's No. 1 DJ? Mentor Liu Ruihua is! Oscar Awards--Best Actress? This honor

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