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Possessed to be the emperor
Possessed to be the emperor

Possessed to be the emperor

  • Category:History
  • Words:4.44万+
  • State:Writing
  • Updated:2024-05-26 23:20
The novel "Possessed to Be the Emperor" is created by the writer Bing Soul, and the whole novel network provides the full text of the latest chapter of the Possessed Emperor for free reading and txt download: In the last years of the Great Qin, the eunuchs were in power, and the lords were weak and the ministers were strong. The gold medal bodyguard Ji Xuanling was reborn and possessed by the young son of heaven. Kill stand-ins, punish traitors, and seize royal power. Revitalize the dynasty, open up the territory, and surrender to the four seas! Love the country and the country, and love the beauty even more. There are so many delicate rivers and mountains, leading countless heroes to bend their waists. I want to let the Great Qin Ruishi step on the Liuhe and level the Eight Desolations. The sun and the moon shine on the territory of Great Qin

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