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The all-round giant wears a woman
The all-round giant wears a woman

The all-round giant wears a woman

  • Category:Wuxia
  • Words:5.92万+
  • State:Complete
  • Updated:2024-07-14 16:01
The novel "The Almighty Giant Wears the Female Respect" is created by the writer's dead immortals, and the whole novel network provides the full text of the latest chapter of the Almighty Giant Wearing the Female Zun for free reading and txt download: The female crosses the text, one-on-one, the female is strong, the male protagonist's vest, the male protagonist is weak in the early stage and will grow and develop in the later stage. The all-round female president giant encounters an accident and once crosses into the female respect. It's impossible to panic, it's safe to come, but this time she doesn't want to live so tired anymore...... So in the days that followed, she slowly became a soft rice girl in a women's society and spurned by everyone. But she didn't care, but she was very proud and proud of the man who was trained by herself from an embarrassed little gray rabbit to a little white rabbit in wolf skin.

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