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Honey Love Chunjiao (Farming)
Honey Love Chunjiao (Farming)

Honey Love Chunjiao (Farming)

  • Category:Wuxia
  • Words:4.44万+
  • State:Writing
  • Updated:2024-05-27 01:36
The novel "Honey Love Chunjiao (Farming)" is created by writer Chen Yunshen, and the whole novel network provides the full text of the latest chapter of Honey Love Chunjiao (Farming) for free reading and txt download: open the support of readers~ Qin Chunjiao, a charming village girl, was sent by her father and mother to a big family in the city to make a house, and the house was sold again if it was not regarded as a house. The person who bought her back was Zhu Ma Jun, who had made a private lifelong agreement with her! She had already been left to be disposed of in the hands of Brother Zhu Ma, who had been scum by her, who knew that when she returned to the village, she would live like honey and oil, but the taste of being spoiled by men did not seem to be very pleasant? This domineering man spoiled her and became addicted to her, and it was not enough in the village, and he also spoiled her into the palace and spoiled her as a princess. The coquettish body is soft and the cooking skills are full of small village girls> Edible Guide: Pastoral Life, Honey Oil, Childhood Sweethearts, Upgrading to Get Rich, and the President of the Capital Fengyun Has Not Lost His Horse

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