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Wandering law riding
Wandering law riding

Wandering law riding

  • Category:Fantasy
  • Words:192.93万+
  • State:Writing
  • Updated:2024-05-22 09:24
Dragon's wings streak across the sky, knights charge, spells tear everything in sight, sorcery eerily distorts reality, steam reforms sprout in a kingdom, ancient twisted calls come from the endless seas, gods from above, abysses buried deep underground, magical and twisted worlds... Wang Yu from Earth came to this unfamiliar fantasy world. Stone-headed, earthy philosopher, ultimate real person, kicking the door...... Wang Yu, an investigator who hates politics, hates deceit, and loves to kick the door and lift the table, leaves his mark in this bad and crazy world in his own way. "I don't like to hear or understand any words and stories of the enemy" "Look at me, I'm t you c, we are invincible..." "Man must always have a bnumber for himself, which is more important than anything else" The hammer and will of steel shatter all obstacles in the way ahead... This is a main warrior, the free hunk of the deputy wizard, pointing out a flash, and the time stops... A journey that shatters all obstacles. (Western fantasy text, non-funny, single heroine, no ambiguity, non-perfect male mainstream) [Expand] [Collapse]

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