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Chapter 2: The Only Hidden Profession


The sound of Luo Fei gritting his teeth came from the side.

Su Wen frowned slightly, nodded, but did not speak.

Lin Luo's little white face, he was so lucky, and he really inherited the family's evolutionary bloodline.

He and Lin Luo formed a grudge in the second year of high school, and the reason was nothing more than a bullshit love drama between young people.

The crossing has caused Su Wen's spirit to be extremely strong, and he has also achieved twice the result with half the effort in his studies, and he has been the first in the grade since he entered the school.

The second place is a girl named Yunqi, who is also said to be a descendant of a strong man, but she was suppressed by Su Wen for three years at school.

According to the normal development of online articles, the two should have had a lot of bonds in the past three years, so it is natural for them to come together.

But the reality is not, and the intersection between the two is very rare.

The bloody thing is that one day Lin Luo expressed Bai Yunqi in public, and after being rejected, he became angry and wanted to make a "overlord hard bow", but he was slapped with a crisp and loud slap.

At that time, Su Wen, who was passing by to watch the excitement, directly turned into a fun person, and laughed non-stop in the goose.

Because of this demonic laughter, Lin Luo, who was stunned, was furious, and turned into a mad dog on the spot and called Su Wen.

And our Su Wen's Tie Tie Luo Fei quickly joined the battlefield, and the two big bosses were like ruthless iron hands, successfully killing Lin Luo and letting him sleep quietly in the infirmary for half an hour.

The grievances were settled like this, and even after that, Yunqi always wanted to overpower Su Wen in his studies...... But I can only think about it.


[Main Battle Rare Class: Ice Warlock]

Another commotion came, Su Wen raised his eyes, and a beautiful figure walked down from the altar, it was Yun Qi in the same class.

"This is too unreasonable, right, actually awaken two rare professions in a row!"

"Du Te is in class 3, I think Lao Li Tou is a shit luck and picked up two geniuses."

"Who said no, hey, old Li Tou, don't leave after school, you have to have a treat!"

Not only were the students surprised, but there was also a commotion in the ranks of teachers on the side.

A middle-aged fat man with square-framed glasses and a little protruding on the top of his head laughed, two rare professions appeared in the class, and he directly struggled for six years.

Smiling and smiling, he set his gaze on Su Wen's head.

What he really has high hopes for is this genius who is famous for all the colleges and universities in Hequan City.

Never forget, the power of the spirit is visible to the naked eye.

Even if he hasn't changed jobs yet, the school leaders predict that Su Wen is at least a main battle legal profession, and the rare level is expected, and even the legendary level, which is rare in ten years, cannot be touched.

"Su Wen!"

When Su Wen heard the voice, he walked in the direction of the altar.

Lin Luo squinted, his eyes were full of provocation, the main battle rare profession, no matter where it was placed in the Divine Dragon Empire, it was ranked first.

He didn't believe that Su Wen's awakened career could be better than him.

The magic circle was running, and the original cyan vortex around the body had turned golden yellow at some point, and the surrounding temperature rose and the wind pressure spread, which frightened the students to hurriedly retreat.

A phantasm of a shield glowing white appeared above the altar.

White light sprinkled around, and a sense of peace of mind appeared in everyone's hearts.

It's as if this shield represents absolute defense, unbreakable, and will always guard the awakened that belongs to it.

", it's just a job change, how can there be a vision?"

"This shouldn't be a legendary profession, but I haven't heard of any legendary boss who has changed careers and had a vision!"

"I don't know, but it should be better than the two rare classes of Ice Warlock and Hurricane Mage."

The surrounding students exclaimed in amazement and looked at the center of the altar with a look of incredulity.

Luo Fei's eyes were dull, this kind of movement ...... To say that the profession is weaker than his hurricane mage, even he himself doesn't believe it.

This, how can you get revenge on that guy?

[Only Hidden Class: Shield Emperor]

Appears as a result.

It's not a rare class, and it's not a legendary class as everyone speculates.

And an unheard-of shield emperor?

Meat shield? MT?

No one knows whether the profession is good or bad, but rarity is really rare, after all, it is a unique hidden class.

"The Shield Emperor? Has anyone heard of it? The

principal on the side frowned and looked at the teachers around him.

I thought that with the strength of Su Wen's spiritual power, the direction of awakening should be a mage, but who would have thought that it would be a meat shield!

Look at Su Wen's small body that is about to fall when the wind blows, he actually awakens this kind of profession, how outrageous it is.

"Uh...... Haven't heard of it.

"It seems to be a main combat profession, but I don't know what the potential is."

"It's not easy to say, after all, the vision is exclusive to the hidden profession, and the specific quality has to be tested by the college entrance examination."

There was a lot of discussion among the teachers around them, and their knowledge was much higher than that of the students, and they did not make outrageous judgments because of the vision of the job change.

Hidden professions are only the rarest, and in terms of potential, there are high and low.

But most of them aren't as powerful as the Rare classes, let alone the Legendary classes.


"Teacher Li."

"Headmaster, you called me?" Li Wenhua heard the voice and turned his head to look at the principal.

Seeing the tangled look on the principal's face, Li Wenhua felt a sigh in his heart, and he suddenly had a bad premonition!

"Regarding the transfer resource reward previously set for Su Wen, the issuance is suspended."

Sure enough, it was as expected.

"Huh? Headmaster...... This, not very good, I was angry with Su Wen before. Li Wenhua was a little resistant to this.

You can't just deduct all the resources that Su Wen originally deserved because the status of shield warfare is relatively low in the main battle class.

"Teacher Li, you should know how many years the school has not produced the seedlings of the highest university."

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