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Chapter 2 Deputy Captain Night Feather is really a master


No one thought that the respected old man they imagined would be a young man, and he would be dressed like such a beggar......

Although they were a little disgusted with the appearance of this deputy captain, everyone still shook hands with Night Feather one by one.

"Hello, I'm Captain Ichiban, Marco!"

"Hello, Captain Sanban, Diamond Joz.

"I'm Foil Bista. ”


Everyone introduced them one by one, and when they shook hands, they found out that Ye Yu was not black in the skin, but because there was black mud on his face, not only on his face, but also on his whole body! When they

shook hands just now, the dirt on Ye Yu's hands was also directly stained on their hands.

Looking at the dirt on their hands, the captains fell into thought, what is this deputy captain doing in the forbidden area all day?

Don't tell me, in the ...... of greenery

"Vice-Captain Nightfeather, what ...... is the dirt on your body?" Marco asked curiously.

The captains around him stretched their necks, they were just as suspicious as Marko.

"Uh... Nothing, when you water the loose soil of the tree, it splashes!"


The captains looked confused, this guy is really planting trees!

Okay, what about cultivating in the forbidden area every day?


the world of pirates, the strong are respected, how can Night Feather lead them to improve their strength?


honest and honest Joz was outspoken and spoke the words in the hearts of others.

"That's... Vice Captain Night Feather, I don't mean anything else!"

"What's your strength, the big war is coming, we're all waiting for you to improve our strength." Joz touched the back of his head and said with a smile.

Boost your strength?

The old man with Whitebeard told himself that as long as he went out to the mountains to help manage the affairs, his strength didn't have time to improve, so he had to improve the strength of these captains?

So, Night Feather directly stared at Whitebeard with a resentful gaze.

This old guy is quite cunning!

Whitebeard directly started sloppy.

"Kuhahahaha! Night Feather's strength is not weak, ten years ago, I tested this kid with half my strength.

"As a result, guess what.

"This kid, you've smashed all my big knives!" Whitebeard said with a laugh.

Night Feather pursed his lips, this old guy, I'm embarrassed to say!

At the age of fifteen, Night Feather was only fifteen years old, and he was thriving on an isolated island in the area of the Whitebeard Pirates.

There has been no one on the island for two years, and who knows, the first person I met turned out to be Whitebeard!

Whitebeard, this old guy drank too much, and he didn't know how to drive the boat to his own island, so he came here, and he had to pee on the system tree......

You don't pick so many places, but you pick my system tree?

Night Feather naturally tried his best to stop Whitebeard, no matter how much he disliked it, it was his only reliance!

This system tree is not a species of this world, in case of urine soaking to death, who is responsible?

So there was a classic scene, a drunk old man, playing drunk, squirting with a strange teenager covered in mud and holding a hammer!

In the end, the two of them went straight to work, and at first Whitebeard didn't take it seriously, until he later found out that Ye Yu, a kid, was not weak, so he took out fifty percent of his strength to fight with Ye Yu.

Although Ye Yu was only at the level of a lieutenant general, he relied on the hammer given by the system to smash the whitebeard's Cong Yun directly in the collision of weapons!

And Whitebeard, after a short period of confusion, directly waved his hand and said that classic sentence.

"Be my son!!"

"Captain Zero will be yours from now on!"

Night Feather: I'll be your mother!

Decisively refused!

Whitebeard loves talents, and directly put forward the conditions of the deputy captain on the spot, brothers are commensurate!

Night Feather was worried that there was no safe environment to hook up and develop, so Suo Xing agreed, but he put forward one more condition.

That is to turn this isolated island into a forbidden area, provide three meals a day like grandpa, and let yourself cultivate!

Whitebeard naturally agreed to this little thing, so Night Feather became the deputy captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, promising that once the life and death of the Whitebeard Pirates were in danger, they would come to the rescue!

The first time I went out of the mountain today, I found that I was played by the old man Whitebeard again, and I not only had to fight with them, but also had to play the role of a teacher to improve the strength of the captains.

My own strength is based on hard work to plant trees, system awards, let yourself be a teacher?

I really don't understand......

At this time, when the surrounding captains, after hearing Night Feather's glorious achievements, one by one, they directly walked towards Night Feather.

Before, they were eating, drinking, and having fun with Daddy Whitebeard all day long, so how could they have the heart to ask Daddy about cultivation?

Now, with such a big incident, they are full of remorse in their hearts, and they all hope to improve themselves in the coming days and make some contributions to the Whitebeard Pirates.

But at this time, Whitebeard has to recuperate from his injuries, so now they can only ask Ye Yu for advice on how to improve their strength.

Looking at the crowd around him, Night Feather screamed, but found that Whitebeard, who was in the distance, was snickering at him.

Noticing Night Feather's resentful eyes looking at him, Whitebeard directly found an excuse to leave.

"In the days when I'm away, you must respect Ye Yu as much as you respect me!" "

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