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Chapter 2: A Trip to the Graveyard


Meng Wei returned to the coffin shop with his things, and after shaking his sore hands, he couldn't wait to call for the template in his heart.

After the call, a translucent template of the profession appeared in his mind, floating in the load, exuding a glimmer of evil and sacredness.

[Name]: Meng Wei

[Race]: Human

[Level]: Lv1

[Health]: 100%

[Underworld Value]: 100%

[Main Class]: Underworld Exorcist

[Professional Skill]: Hades

[Subclass]: Nether Trickster

[Experience Points]: 0%


Meng Wei looked closely and found that this career template was the one he had designed in his previous life.

After his sudden death, he followed him to this world of gods and ghosts.

Meng Wei's mind focused on the name of the main profession, and a series of words emerged.

[Main Class]: Underworld Exorcist

[Type]: Basic Hidden


[Introduction]: As a law enforcer of the underworld, his control over the underworld has long been at his peak, and in law enforcement again and again, he has become the object of fear and worship of countless evil creatures, and he is in the dark but always has light in his heart!

[Notes]: Go, soldiers, sweep away all evil for me - the kingdom of the Hades

After reading the job introduction, Meng Wei focused his thoughts on the only unlocked professional skill.

[Skill Name]: Hades

[Level]: Tier 1

[Effect]: Radiate the aura of the underworld to deter evil creatures and enhance the resistance of abnormal states.

[Remarks]: Evil scum, surrender obediently - the underworld exorcist said coldly to Guansheng!

Unlike the main class, which is responsible for combat, the subclass is a class that specializes in refining potions, equipment, and auxiliary combat, and does not have the slightest combat effectiveness.

[Sub-class]: Netherworld Trickster

[Type]: Growth-type hidden class

[Introduction]: The great inventor of the underworld, good at perceiving the characteristics of evil materials, and crafting all kinds of magical items.

[Note]: When will I be able to take off the underworld and study it-The great inventor Shen Jingbin looked up at the sky and said with drooling

In his design, the profession of Underworld Exorcist can obtain essences and materials by killing evil creatures.

Essences can be converted into experience points for upgrades.

After leveling up, you can not only improve your physical fitness, strengthen your existing skills, but also unlock new skills, and when you reach a certain level, you will also trigger a class change or even an awakening trial!

Materials can be refined by the sub-class Nether Trickster to turn them into a variety of magical items.

Meng Wei's disappointment from being rejected was long gone, and he was enthusiastically experimenting with the only skill he had mastered.

As his mind moved, streams of spiritual energy diffused from his mind, covering his entire body.

The aura value on the template starts to decrease.

Meng Wei's ruddy face gradually turned pale, mysterious runes emerged, engraved on his forehead and cheeks, and his black hair turned a demonic purple.

An eerie but sacred atmosphere permeated the surroundings.

Half an hour later, Meng Wei finally stopped, not because he was tired of it, but because his spiritual energy was worth it to the end.


level 1 Stygian Qi can only be used by him for half an hour.

If you want to last longer, or even unlock new skills, you can only level up by killing evil creatures.

Meng Wei thought back and found that there was a cemetery outside Renjia Town, which was the cemetery of the town's generations, and whenever someone died in the town, he would be buried there.


the days go by, there are already all kinds of graves, looking at the green mountains and green waters during the day, but all kinds of eerie horrors at night.

Hardly anyone dares to pass by there at night.

Meng Wei planned to go over and take a look after dark to find out if there was any evil cutie who was lonely.

Before that, he needed to fill his stomach.

In order to express his sincerity, he went out as soon as it was dawn.

It was already past afternoon, and he was hungry before he had eaten.

Because he wanted to prepare for the trip to Tomb Mountain in the evening, Meng Wei did not plan to cook at home, but came to the noodle restaurant in the town and ordered a bowl of noodles.

The boss recognized Meng Wei as the god stick who was rumored to be a ghost a few days ago.

Although I was disgusted in my heart, there was no reason for the door-to-door business to be pushed out, so I reluctantly went to prepare.

Meng Wei saw that the boss looked disgusted, so he didn't pay attention to it, but sat on the table and waited.

After a while, the boss made the noodles, brought them up, and slammed them on the table.

Meng Wei saw that the big chicken bowl was filled with many noodles, which were covered with a thin layer of sliced meat, and the oily soup base was floating with a little green onion, and a little food aroma emerged.

After he took a pair of chopsticks, he found that the taste was okay, although there were no various seasonings in later generations, but the soup base was unexpectedly delicious.

It looks like a real stock made from bones that have been boiled for a long time.

Although the boss's attitude is not very good, he did not cut corners after all.

Meng Wei picked up the bowl and took a few sips, his mouth full of oil.

"Boss, why don't you have pigs in the water?"


diners on the side complained.

"I don't blame me, after the slaughter of pigs by Zhang Butcher recently, all the pigs sent were not put into the water. The

boss replied with a complaint.

"I don't know what he wants so many pigs to do...... the diner muttered, and then asked curiously, "Is Butcher Zhang still gambling now?"

"How can it be, he borrowed the loan shark of Baoxiang Gambling House before, and his wife and children were all pulled to pay off the debt.

"Didn't you say he had raised enough money to pay off his debts?"

"The debt was repaid, but his wife and children didn't want to come back, and he didn't know where he was sold. "

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