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Chapter 2: Lupin Chentler


In an instant, the iron claws of the Blazing Eagle had already touched the skin! Under this speed attack, Zhang Lun was afraid that he would not have time to convey the message of death before he went to the Western Heavens.

But Zhang Lun didn't die, an arrow appeared in the head of the Blazing Eagle, and no one saw how the arrow got in.

After the arrow entered the head of the Flame Eagle, it dragged the Flame Eagle's body towards the scorching sun, flying farther and farther away, and finally disappeared in the light of the scorching sun.

"Hah... Ha..... Ha........ The catastrophe is not dead, and the frightened Zhang Lun's laughter is particularly small. I guess only he could hear it. At this time, his feet were weak, and he sank to the bottom of the lake in shame. . .

With this arrow, Lin Yue was also stunned. All she could see was the arrow hitting the flaming eagle and heading straight for the sun. But he didn't see how the arrow was shot, and he couldn't even be sure if the arrow was shot by Long Feng.

"Feng, did you shoot that arrow just now?" Lin Yue asked in surprise.

"A straight line is not the closest distance. Long Feng said something inexplicable, then looked at Lin Yue with a smile, put his hand on her forehead, and touched it.

Lin Yue's face flushed, and then she bounced back on Long Feng's forehead with a finger with a boy's ring engraved with it, and said shamefully, "I hate it! I'm not a child, don't touch me, just say that you shot it!"

In Lin Yue's heart, being with Long Feng was so reassuring and reassuring, but there was an indescribable sense of distance.

Although they grew up together and knew each other very well, there was always a sense of mystery in Long Feng.

This feeling comes from Long Feng's strength, and he can always be stronger than he imagined every time he makes a shot.

It also comes from Long Feng's character, he is so kind, but the arrows he shoots have never left a single life, not a single one.

Zhang Lun, who was frightened and fell into the lake, came ashore at this time, covered in water. For the rest of his life, he just wanted to explain a few words to cover up the embarrassing picture of being frightened and falling into the water.

But when he saw Lin Yue looking at Long Feng intoxicated, he didn't say anything.

"Zhang Lun, why are your clothes wet?What happened just now?" At this time, two people came out of the grove by the Sun Moon Lake.

One was a short, small-eyed peer named Lupin

Lupin wears glasses and knows many kinds of magic, but none of them pass the first level.

The other man was Chentler, who was tall, athletic, and had a one-inch beard on his nose.

Chentler always has a book in his hand and is neatly dressed. He was also a fighter, but never carried a weapon.

It was Chen Tler who had just been questioned.

"Brother Le, there were some little demon beasts just now, it's okay, deal with it. Le Goyon was worried," Zhang Lun replied politely.

Zhang Lun speaks rarely and is polite to people. But to Chentler is excluded.

Even if he feels that his strength is stronger than Chen Teller, Zhang Lun still feels that his aura is still inexplicably suppressed, and the specific reason is not clear.

Perhaps Chen Teller has always been their eldest brother since childhood, and Chen Teller is indeed a few years older than them.

Chen Teller smiled and said, "Those little monsters are quite strong. It's okay, you three have worked hard, go back and rest. Now it's time for me and Lupin to stand sentry. Standing

guard at Sun Moon Lake is a task handed down from ancient times in Sun Moon Village, no one knows how far it has been, and no village chief has ever canceled this task.

Before leaving, Zhang Lun exchanged a few words with Lu Bang, who had a good relationship with him, meaning to ask Lu Bang to help him shape new clothes and armor.

Lupin looks simple but very intelligent, sincere and low-key. He also makes weapons and equipment and all sorts of weird things. Zhang Lun's giant sword was made by him, and the workmanship was simple and practical.

Chen Teller watched Zhang Lun and the three of them leave, and suddenly shouted to him inexplicably: "Wind, I'll ask Lu Pin to make a bow and arrow for you, how about it?"

"No need!" Long Feng didn't like Chen Teller and was even a little disgusted.

"You have to ask. Chen Teller said softly to himself.

"Why do you want me to give him a bow and arrows?" Luban asked


"Why? God knows! After Chen Teller finished speaking, he lay in the shade of the lake and read his books.

Zhang Lun and the three walked through the woods and returned to the village.

Riyue Village is next to Riyue Lake, so it is called Riyue Village.

There are not many people in the village, a large village of hundreds of people. The north side is close to the Sun Moon Lake, and the remaining three sides are surrounded by mountain peaks and forests, and the road into the village is very hidden.

But the village is not closed, and there are quite a lot of passers-by. Various national events are also discussed with relish among the villagers.

Zhang Lun, Lin Yue, and Long Feng live with their master in a classical European-style three-story house, with a large garden, flowers, plants, pools, rockeries, and everything!

Most of the houses in the village are poor brick houses, so their lives are the envy of other villagers.

There is no way, no era will treat the strong badly. There are many tasks in the village that they are capable of doing, and the natural remuneration is indispensable.

Master Li Sanfeng sat on the old man's chair and shook it. He's old.

Zhang Lun and the three were orphans, who were raised by Li Sanfeng since they were children and brought into Riyue Village.

Li Sanfeng was not originally from Riyue Village, he was already eighty years old when he came to the village.

Now another seventeen years have passed, and Li Sanfeng is ninety-seven.

Lin Yue walked past Li Sanfeng and said respectfully, "Master, we are back."

"Yes. It's back. Don't play too late. Master's answer was already a little confused.

"I'm just standing guard, not playing, I'm going to make lunch, Master. Lin Yue did not dislike the confused master, and replied very seriously.

"What, wind?"

"Master, I'm Lin Yue.

"Oh,,, oh. Wind. What are you going to do?" Li Sanfeng is really too old, and he has forgotten to speak in seconds.

Lin Yue looked at the master, and felt inexplicably sad in her heart, because she was reluctant to give up her master's current situation and time.

Li Sanfeng's dementia is also these two years. Although he was old a few years ago, his eyes were bright and his strength was strong, and Zhang Lun struck with all his strength, and he could take it with just one finger.

But after all, he couldn't withstand the passage of time, but last year's health deteriorated, and it was difficult to walk, and this year, even his mind was confused, and the only thing he remembered now was Long Feng's name.

It is inevitable that people will be confused, but Li Sanfeng has not told the life experience of the three disciples until he has Alzheimer's.

Fortunately, when Li Sanfeng was not confused, he wrote a few pages and wrapped them up, which was about the life experiences of the three apprentices.

But he didn't let the three apprentices see it immediately, but asked that they wait until they were eighteen years old before they could open it.

The three apprentices respected the master very much, even if Li Sanfeng was demented, none of them opened it in advance.

After Lin Yue chatted with Li Sanfeng, who was demented, she went to cook.

Long Feng helped Li Sanfeng to the bathroom and helped him take a bath and wipe his body very carefully, Long Feng was very careful, and every time he helped the master take a bath, he took a long time.

He went back to his room, and if he usually went to Lupin, he would study some strange things together. But today, Lu Bang accompanied Chen Teller to Sun Moon Lake to stand guard, so he fell asleep and waited for dinner.

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