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Chapter 2 Across the door

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As soon as Qiao Junxi went out, he was blocked by Zhao Qingyan.

"Something?" Qiao Junxi looked at this arrogant girl and opened her mouth coldly.

"Don't tell anyone what happened today, including my fourth brother!" Zhao Qingyan was both a warning and an order. This person and the fourth brother are good friends, and it is hard to guarantee that he will not tell the fourth brother.

Qiao Junxi's inky eyes looked at Zhao Qingyan, and it wasn't until he saw that Zhao Qingyan's heart was empty with his threatening eyes, and he didn't speak slowly, "What are you referring to?"

"You!you!" asked knowingly.

Of course, she didn't want to peek at his "beauty", but Zhao Qingyan pointed at him but didn't say anything. Angry, she went back to the house directly and locked Qiao Junxi out of the door.

Qiao Junxi looked at her anxious appearance, and couldn't help but pull her thin lips, she was still a girl who was easy to blow up.


A few hours later, when Zhao Qingyan went out to throw away the garbage, she saw Qiao Junxi again. He was coming out of the elevator.

Zhao Qingyan pursed her lips and came to find the fourth brother again?

Didn't he know that he and the fourth brother had been rumored for a long time?

It doesn't matter if he doesn't want to find a partner, but the family is looking forward to the fourth brother bringing a fourth sister-in-law home as soon as possible.

Zhao Qingyan once again remembered Qiao Junxi's dignity in the fourth brother's bedroom, and couldn't help but feel a cold hairstand, this Qiao Sanshao is really like her fourth brother!

No, she can't let Qiao Junxi lead the fourth brother astray. After strengthening this belief, Zhao Qingyan opened her mouth without waiting, "Come to my fourth brother again?"

Qiao Junxi didn't notice Zhao Qingyan at first, and when he heard her unfriendly tone, he turned to walk towards her.

"What, do you have an opinion?" Qiao Junxi stood in front of her, and asked rhetorically.

Xu is attitude was too tough, and Zhao Qingyan was suddenly a little frightened. She secretly told herself to follow the rules, otherwise it would only backfire.

Her eyes flashed, she smiled like a flower, and she was well-behaved and said, "No opinion, but my fourth brother is not at home now." "The implication of Zhao Qingyan's words is that you should hurry back home.

She didn't lie, Zhao Siyao went out to socialize two hours ago.

"Oh. The light and concise answer made it impossible to guess his emotions.

It's just that Qiao Junxi's figure hasn't moved at all.

So Zhao Qingyan didn't understand what he meant by this "oh", wasn't she ready to leave?

Seeing Qiao Junxi move a few steps back, Zhao Qingyan thought that her words had played a role, and she was very relieved, and her hanging heart was slightly lowered, but she had the interest of appreciating the beautiful man.

In fact, Qiao Junxi is the most handsome man she has ever seen. If there is really any untidy relationship with the fourth brother, it is really a loss for the camp of female compatriots.

Zhao Qingyan thought that he would wait until Qiao Junxi left, but he suddenly took out a room card from his pocket, and saw that he swiped it on the opposite door 2108, and Zhao Qingyan vaguely heard the sound of unlocking.

When Qiao Junxi pushed the door, he was stopped by Zhao Qingyan, "You ...... What are you doing?"

"I'll go back to my own home, do you have an opinion?" Qiao Junxi still said lukewarmly, but there was a hint of impatience in it.

Zhao Qingyan was dumbfounded and in disbelief, "You live opposite door to my fourth brother?" If he didn't have any adultery with the fourth brother, she really couldn't believe it.


makes Zhao Qingyan even more incomprehensible is that since he lives opposite, why does he have to go to the fourth brother's bedroom to take a bath