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Chapter 4: Graduation Party


After hanging up, Jiang Yuchen found a place to sit down.

"Look what memories the ghost has left behind......"

"Hiss...... ...... hiss!"

Jiang Yuchen had just probed the memories in those memory fragments into the depths of his mind, but he suddenly had a headache, and the strong pain made Jiang Yuchen grit his teeth and gasp.

"It seems that I haven't gotten used to these new memories yet, so let's slow down and explore it when it doesn't hurt so much!" Jiang Yuchen thought to himself.

In any case, those memories must be explored, Jiang Yuchen said to the ghost about cultivation, spirit wine, and medicinal baths, which can only be seen in novels, and he vaguely feels that the ghost was a martial arts master who had experienced harm before his death.

What boy doesn't have a martial arts dream? Jiang Yuchen is no exception.

Ten minutes later, Jiang Yuchen tried again, this time it worked, and finally knew what the origin of that ghost was.

The ghost's name is He Shanjun, who was a cultivator in the foundation building period during his lifetime, and was killed when he fought with people for treasures in the Northern Song Dynasty, and only a trace of his soul was secretly hidden in a stone underground, and then fell asleep, and he did not wake up until recent decades.

After waking up, He Shanjun has been recuperating and nourishing his soul, and it was not until more than ten years ago that he recovered to half the size of his life, and he could barely use the Dafa of Ghost Soul Seizure.

The first time he successfully explored the memory fragments and obtained He Shanjun's origin, Jiang Yuchen was very excited, and kept muttering: "Those who cultivate the truth are those who cultivate the truth, if you don't die in a catastrophe, there will be a blessing in the future, and the ancients will not deceive me."

There are still some memory fragments in the depths of his mind, and Jiang Yuchen has not yet explored them!

"Jiang Yuchen!" There was a sound in the distance!

Jiang Yuchen woke up and looked up, a slender woman and a slightly chubby boy walked over, it was the head teacher and Chen Lie at the same table.

"Jiang Yuchen, what are you ............ Oops, you're hurt!" said the head teacher anxiously.

"Jiang Yuchen, you are so powerful, you actually dare to fight with the people of the Lu family.

Chen Lie, who was at the same table, saw the dirt and tatters on Jiang Yuchen's body, and mistakenly thought that Jiang Yuchen and the Lu family had a fight, so he stepped forward and slapped Jiang Yuchen on the shoulder and said in admiration.

"Shhhh............h Chen Lie, do you want to die, you slapped my wound!" Jiang Yuchen felt a pain in his shoulder, gritted his teeth and glared at Chen Lie and scolded.

"Ah...... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll pay attention next time!" Chen Lie hurriedly apologized, but he said the wrong thing again in a hurry.

"Dead fatty, do you want to have a next time?" Jiang Yuchen said with a glare.

The head teacher next to him interrupted and said, "Okay, don't say any more, let's send Jiang Yuchen to the hospital first!"

"Uh-huh......!" Chen Lie nodded and replied.

"No, it's just some bruises, just buy me a set of clothes, I'll go to the shared bathroom to clean it!" Jiang Yuchen shook his head and refused to go to the hospital.

Jiang Yuchen looked quite embarrassed, but it was actually a skin injury, and it was nothing serious.

The most important thing is that there are some more memory fragments in his mind, and Jiang Yuchen is afraid that he will go to the hospital to let people see the problem.

"No problem, I'll pay for you! Don't say one set, ten sets are no problem!" Chen Lie patted his chest and said.

Jiang Yuchen rolled his eyes.

But don't say it, Chen Lie still doesn't take this money seriously, Chen Lie's father opened a company with a market value of tens of millions in the international metropolis of Yangcheng.

"No, how can you not go to the hospital if you are injured. The head teacher insisted on sending Jiang Yuchen to the hospital.

"It's okay, it's a skin injury! Just buy two hemostatic patches, and rub some Yunbai Baiyao, we still have to go to the party, I have to drink two more glasses to celebrate my new life, today I can be regarded as a new life!" Jiang Yuchen said.

No one can really know what Jiang Yuchen meant by the new life, Chen Lie and the head teacher next to him thought that Jiang Yuchen broke free from the shackles of the Lu family and got a new life!

"Okay, there's a Dashenlin Pharmacy over there, where can we deal with it!" The head teacher no longer insisted on going to the hospital, and pointed to the Dashenlin Pharmacy not far away.

"Let's go buy a set of clothes first, I'm almost gone!" Jiang Yuchen pointed to the rotten clothes in front of his chest and said.

The head teacher: "Okay, let's hurry up and buy clothes, and then go to the pharmacy to deal with the wound, don't get infected!"


bought a few sets of clothes and a backpack, and then went to Dashenlin to deal with the wounds, and when Jiang Yuchen and the others came to the Mingwan Restaurant, where the dinner was gathered, it was already more than an hour later.

"Head teacher, Chen Lie, you're back!"

Jiang Yuchen, Chen Lie, and the head teacher entered a box, and there were already people sitting inside, and Jiang Yuchen was sent to them.

There are also a few classmates in the class who have a passable relationship with Jiang Yuchen, no! A few people pulled Jiang Yuchen to sit in an adjacent row to them, so as not to make it embarrassing for Jiang Yuchen to sit down without even talking to an acquaintance.

In the past ten days, these people in the class who have a good relationship with Jiang Yuchen did not laugh at Jiang Yuchen, and they all comforted Jiang Yuchen in private, and felt angry for Jiang Yuchen, but unfortunately they were all from civilian families, and they couldn't help Jiang Yuchen much.

In the small circle on Jiang Yuchen's side, Du Zhen next to Jiang Yuchen raised a glass of wine and whispered to Jiang Yuchen and a few classmates around him: "Come, let's have a drink and celebrate Jiang Yuchen's escape from the clutches of the Lu and Liu families!"

"Haha, celebrate this kid without having to be a cuckold. Chen Lie also raised a glass of wine and said with a smile.

Other classmates who didn't have a good relationship with Jiang Yuchen, seeing that Jiang Yuchen, Chen Lie, Du Zhen and others didn't have the rhythm to play with them, they didn't rush over to make trouble together.

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