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Chapter 2: Hold on hard


"Stinky boy.

Xu Anchen exploded and wanted to pounce on his sister to snatch his sister back, he knew that he shouldn't bring such a cute sister.

But before he could move, Gong Moyun strangled his neck directly from behind and dragged him to the playground roughly, "Oh, you just let the two children play by themselves, there are bodyguards watching them."

"No, Yunyun, you let me go first. Xu Anchen struggled, but he was afraid of hurting his girlfriend, so he didn't dare to push too hard.

It was quickly towed away.

The two who got in the way left, and Gong Zhan touched Xiao Anzhi's head, waiting for her to think about it.

An Zhi bit his fingers, not quite understanding what he meant, and blinked his big eyes with black water, "Be a bride for the little brother, little brother, and give the pants to Zhizhi."

"Pants can't be given to Zhizhi, and if you give Zhizhi's brother, you won't have pants to wear, but my brother can buy Zhizhi a bear bigger than a bag.

Gong Zhan's patience was unprecedentedly good, and he tried his best to coax Xu Anzhi.

Bigger than a bag?

Xu Anzhi touched the bag on her back, the temptation was too great, she nodded vigorously, and said in a milk voice, "Zhizhi has grown up and wants to be the bride of the little brother."

"That's good.

Gong Zhan, who succeeded in coaxing, was in a good mood, and stretched out his hand to An Zhi, "Let's go, my brother will take you to buy a big bear."


Xu Anzhi obediently handed over his little hand.

Her hands, small and soft, seemed to be crushed as soon as she was forced, and Gong Zhan held her, and she didn't dare to move.

He took Anzhi to a plush toy store near the playground.

Xiao Anzhi took a fancy to the big brown bear on the top when she entered the door, brown and caramel were similar colors, and she liked them all.

"Little brother, I know that I want that bear. An Zhi leaned up his little neck vigorously, and pointed his white fingers to the bear at the top.

Gong Zhan glanced up and said gently, "Okay, I want that one." He called the clerk and pointed to the big bear above, "Help me take that bear down, thank you."

"Well, little friend, did you come by yourself, and what about your mother?"

The clerk was a young girl, and she didn't want to give them them, just kidding, the toys in her store were not cheap, how could two little ghosts buy them.

Gong Zhan heard her voice and frowned slightly, "Our mother didn't come, can this bear not be sold?"

"That's not what I meant, this bear is very expensive. The clerk had a stumbling expression and didn't look at them.

An Zhi was a little afraid, so he hid by Gong Zhan's side, gently tugged at the hem of his clothes, and said with a crying voice, "Little brother, Xiong Xiong, I don't want to know it."

"Know and be good, don't be afraid. Gong Zhan squatted down and picked her up.

An Zhi put his arms around his neck, rubbed his shoulder, rested his chin on it, and said obediently, "Well, Zhizhi is not afraid."

Gong Zhan held An Zhi in one hand, took out his wallet from his pocket with the other, and took out a stack of money from it, "Is this money enough?" He didn't want to show his angry side in front of An Zhi.

When the clerk saw the stack of money, he immediately smiled, "You wait, I'll get it for you now." With

money, it's easy to say anything.

Before leaving, Gong Zhan turned his head to look at the toy store behind him, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Xu Anzhi got the big brown bear he wanted, quickly forgot what he had just done, and tried hard to hug the doll that was taller than her.

clumsily followed Gong Zhan's side.

Gong Zhan wanted to help her get it several times, but she refused, and she had to hold it herself.

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