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Lingxian Fengyun Chapter 11 Nanshan Sect, Huaying Pill


  "Nanshan Sect Master?"

Hearing this, Zhang Yun and the elders of the Spirit Immortal Sect were all surprised.

Nanshan Sect, like the Lingxian Sect, is the top five immortal cultivation sects in Nanyun Prefecture. And it is very close to the Lingxian Sect, the two sects are adjacent to each other less than a thousand miles, and they are both located in the southern region of Nanyun Prefecture.

But the relationship between the two sects is not very good, and it can even be said that they are hostile.

After all, one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers, and as the strongest sect on both sides in the southern region of Nanyun Prefecture, there will often be friction due to some interests and resources in the south. Over time, this relationship is not incompatible, but it is also the kind that may immediately dry up if you don't agree with each other.

At this moment, the sect master of the Nanshan Sect actually appeared in their Spirit Immortal Sect?

Everyone couldn't help but look at the Spirit Immortal Sect Master.

When the other party arrived, the Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect would definitely know. Is it also related to this person to call them here at this moment?

"I called you here today, because I have something to announce about my sect and the Nanshan sect!"

The Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect spoke, "Before you come, this seat has reached an agreement with the Sect Master of Nanshan to hold an exchange meeting between the two sects!"

"Two exchanges?"

Everyone was amazed. Hold an exchange meeting on the relationship between the two of them?

"It's not just an exchange, it's also a competition!"

The sect master of the Nanshan Sect next to him answered and said, "

The content of this exchange meeting will start with a competition between the elders and the elders of our sect!"

"You mean, the Elder Duel?"

An elder spoke.


The Sect Master of the Nanshan Sect shook his head and said with a smile: "This sect has not long been in office in the Nanshan Sect, and the reason for this exchange meeting is to hope that the relationship between our two sects can be eased. Therefore, I don't want the elders to fight for anger. The content of this exchange meeting is mainly for the experience and competition between the elders of the two sects and their apprentices!"

"Take the apprentices to experience the competition?"

Everyone frowned.

"Each elder of the two sects can bring two Qi refining stage disciples to participate in the ......"

The Nanshan Sect Master explained, "After the exchange meeting begins, some training tasks will be released, and you will get corresponding points for completing the tasks. At the same time, you can also get points by hunting spirit beasts and other ways. Within the allotted time, each elder is ranked according to the number of points they have received.

After a pause, he suddenly took out a delicate wooden box: "In order to motivate all the elders, those who rank top in this exchange meeting will be rewarded." The one who ranks first will get this thing!"

he said as he opened the wooden box.

A strong medicinal fragrance suddenly overflowed in the main hall.

Everyone who smelled the fragrance of this medicine was refreshed.

Especially the Great Elder of the Spirit Immortal Sect, who had reached the peak of the Jindan Stage, only felt that the bottleneck had been slightly loosened because of this.

"It's... This made him stare at the wooden box, and asked with some excitement, "Is this the Infant Pill?"



Nanshan Sect Master nodded.

The expressions of everyone present froze.

Huaying Pill, as the name suggests, is a high-grade pill that can help peak monks in the Jindan stage condense the Yuan Infant. On the market, one will cost at least 100,000 spirit stones, and it has no price.

"The first place can get this pill?"

The Great Elder of the Spirit Immortal Sect was a little unsure.

"That's right. The Sect Master of

Nanshan Sect nodded and said, "Whoever wins the first place in the exchange meeting, this Dan will belong to whoever it is!"

The Great Elder was excited!

Everyone else present was also breathing slightly.

Although except for the Great Elder, the others are not at the peak of the Jindan period. But just because you can't use it now doesn't mean you can't use it in the future. After all, it is only a matter of time before those who can step into the Jindan period will enter the peak of the Jindan period in the future.

With this pill, it is equivalent to having the opportunity to impact the infant stage!

Even Zhang Yun's eyes are hot.

After all, this is an elixir worth more than 100,000 spirit stones!

"Regarding the other details of this exchange meeting, your sect master will explain it in detail for the elders. There is still something to do in this sect, so I will leave first, and we will see you in five days!"

After the Nanshan Sect Master said a word, he put away the pill and left.

Seeing this scene, all the elders present looked at the Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect one after another.

If at the beginning, everyone was still wondering why the sect master and the Nanshan sect master reached an agreement, then everyone was not surprised at this moment. The other party is willing to take out a baby pill as a reward, even if the relationship was not good before, this exchange meeting is worth it!

But some elders couldn't help but ask, "Sect Master, what is the purpose of this Nanshan Sect's move?"

This question is also the question of Zhang Yun and others.

After all, there is a Baby Transformation Pill, isn't it fragrant to give it directly to the peak elders of the Golden Pill Stage in their own country? As for détente? Be fools!

With the situation of their Spirit Immortal Sect and Nanshan Sect, even if the relationship is temporarily eased, there will still be new friction in the future because of the new interests that have emerged in the region.

"I don't know the specific intentions of this seat!"

The Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect said lightly: "But the Sect Master of Nanshan is ready to carry out a cooperation with this seat in the future, but the specific reason is not told to this seat. It's just that I will take out the Infant Pill to hold this exchange meeting as a meeting gift!"


The elders raised their eyebrows slightly.

If you want to seek the cooperation of the Immortal Sect Master, who is also in the Yuan Infant Stage, it must be a great matter. took out a baby pill as a meeting gift, but it barely made sense. "Sect Master, I think it's better to be careful!"

"I know what I know!"

The Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect waved his hand and glanced at the elders present, "This exchange meeting will be held in the South Wind Forest in five days.

No matter what the purpose of the Nanshan Sect is, since they have taken out this Infant Transformation Pill, they will do their best to take it!"

After a pause, he continued: "This exchange meeting is not only to bring disciples to experience the competition, but the final results will also be included in this year's elder ranking!"

The elders raised their eyebrows.

Zhang Yun was shocked, and the rank of elder was a major matter related to whether he could keep his position as an elder. It seems that these two exchange meetings have to be well organized!

"Alright, let's go back and prepare!"

The Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect waved his hand.

The elders present did not stay long and left in a hurry. Even Meng Zhong surprisingly did not come to harass Zhang Yun and left directly.

But Zhang Yun didn't leave in a hurry.

"Ninth Elder, are you still in business?"

The others all left, seeing that Zhang Yun was still there, the Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect was puzzled.

Zhang Yun immediately showed a smile and rubbed his hands: "Sect Master, what." Didn't you say before that I could come to you if I lacked resources? I have recently consumed a lot of training disciples......"

The Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect frowned, "Didn't you just win 10,000 spirit stones from Meng Zhong?"

"Sect Master, you should have seen the movement a few days ago. My apprentice is a rock-sucking monster. In just the past few days of cultivation, 10,000 spirit stones have bottomed out......"

Zhang Yun looked miserable. "......"

The Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect frowned slightly, but thinking of the movement three days ago, he groaned and took out a token and threw it to Zhang Yun: "Go to the Spirit Stone Library to get some!"

"Thank you, Sect Master!".

Zhang Yun hurriedly took it, and after thanking him, he turned around and prepared to leave.


But being stopped, Zhang Yuncancan turned his head to look at the Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect: "The Sect Master still has."Things?"

The Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect looked at him, and suddenly sighed lightly: "Your own cultivation, try as hard as you can!"

"Sect Master, I will!"

Zhang Yun couldn't help but smile when he heard this, " And I've been improving a bit in the past few days, if you don't believe it, you can ask Mu Sheng!"

The Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect was stunned, and looked at Zhang Yun carefully, and his complexion seemed to be indeed better than before.

He immediately said: "It's good to be diligent." Remember to keep your mentality, cultivate a long stream, take your time, don't be in a hurry!"

"I understand, Sect Master!"

"Go ahead!"

Zhang Yun left the Sect Master Hall. The Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect looked at his back, thought about it and took out a sound transmission stone: "Sheng'er, come here!"