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Chapter 23 The Enemy


  Inside the forest.

"Senior brother, master, he'll be fine, right?

Wu Xiaopang looked back, his face full of worry.

Xu Ming was silent.

Although he knew that Zhang Yun's strength was very strong, it was the three Jindan periods, especially the tall black-robed man who appeared at the end, and he felt that he was likely to be the top master in the Jindan period.

With one enemy and three ......

A trace of worry flashed in Xu Ming's eyes.

At the same time, he couldn't help clenching his fists, biting his lip with unwilling eyes, only hating himself for not having enough strength!

"You two little mice, where do you want to run?

At this moment, an abrupt voice suddenly came from above.

Xu Ming and Wu Xiaopang's faces changed, and they looked up.

I saw that on the big trees on both sides, there were two black-robed people staring at them with playful eyes.

"Chubby, run!

Xu Ming immediately shouted.

"Run? In front of Ben Shao, where do you want to escape? With a

sneer, the two black-robed men jumped down from the tree at the same time, each holding a sword in their hands and slashing down at them.

Xu Ming and Wu Xiaopang hurriedly jumped to the sides and dodged.

But it still gave the black-robed man's sword the strength contained in the dust and dust to the ground, and it shook to the sides and staggered backwards.

"This voice ......"

Xu Ming, who took a few steps back, stabilized his figure, and looked at the black-robed man who sneered and opened his mouth suddenly recognized something, and his body trembled. His eyes swelled with unforgettable hatred, and he roared angrily: "Lin Shi! You are Lin Shi!!

"So you can recognize Ben Shao? The

sneering black-robed man was stunned when he heard this, the corners of his mouth hooked a trace of arc, and he simply didn't hide it, and directly lifted his hat, revealing a handsome young face.

"Sure enough, it's you!!

The moment he saw this face, Xu Ming's eyes seemed to burst into flames, and his whole face turned red with anger.

"Senior brother......"

This angry appearance made Wu Xiaopang next to him a little stunned.

It was the first time he had seen Xu Ming like this since he met!

"Young Master......"

Another black-robed man saw the handsome young man revealing his appearance, and his face changed slightly.

"It doesn't matter!

Lin Shi waved his hand and looked at Xu Ming and Wu Xiaopang with a dumb attitude: "It is impossible for two dying people to spread the news!"

"You go and slaughter that little fat man. This waste ......"

He stared at the furious Xu Ming, licking the corners of his mouth as if looking at a delicious prey, "It's up to Ben Shao to scrap it again!"

"Yes, young master! Seeing this, the

black-robed man didn't say anything more, and immediately rushed towards Wu Xiaopang with his sword.

Wu Xiaopang's face changed, and he hurriedly took out a knife from the storage ring to block it.


The swords collided, and sparks splashed and a wave of energy exploded on it.

Wu Xiaopang's body shook, and the whole person was directly shocked out.

"Foundation building period?

It took more than ten steps in a row to stabilize his body, and he looked up at the black-robed man in front of him, and a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes.

The three black-robed people who appeared earlier were all in the Jindan stage, and he thought that this was also the case, but he didn't expect it to be ......


Before he had time to think about it, the black-robed man was already holding his sword to kill him again.

"It's just the foundation building period, I may not be able to fight!

Wu Xiaopang gritted his teeth when he saw this, and he didn't plan to run away, so he directly picked up the knife and greeted him.

This side is fighting, next to the open space.

"Waste, I didn't expect to meet Ben Shao again, right?

Lin Shi looked at Xu Ming and sneered and said, "Ben Shao said before, you can't escape." The last time your father and mother helped your palace, you got lucky. This time, you can't run away again!!


Hearing the word 'Daddy', Xu Ming's eyes instantly turned red, and he took out a long sword and slashed at the other party frantically.


Lin Shi raised his sword to block it, and then suddenly used his spiritual energy to merge into the blade of the sword in his hand, and swept it directly forward.

Xu Ming suddenly swept out with a sword.


The long sword fell to the ground, feeling the numb palm, Xu Ming's pupils contracted slightly when he looked at Lin Shi, "Foundation building period?" "Ben Shao can build the foundation so quickly, I really have to thank you for this waste ......"

The corners of Lin Shi's mouth curled, and said: "If it weren't for your waste dragon spirit root, Ben Shao might have to spend a lot of effort to build the foundation!"

"You damn it!!

Hearing this, Xu Ming suddenly opened his mouth and let out a roar.

"Aang——!! The

first of the nine changes of the golden dragon, the golden dragon roared.

As the howling sound sounded, a large stream of dragon power swept out of Xu Ming's body.

Lin Shi felt this dragon power head-on, and his body couldn't help but tremble, only feeling that the flow of spiritual energy in his body was a little sluggish.

He looked at Xu Ming with a look of surprise on his face: "It seems that it is really like the news received by the family, you waste has activated the hidden dragon blood physique. So, you still have a dragon spirit root on your body?

As he spoke, he licked the corners of his mouth, and a touch of fanaticism appeared in his eyes: "A dragon spirit root will benefit Ben Shao a lot, and if you get this second way, it is estimated that Ben Shao will soon be able to impact the Jindan period." Waste, obediently offer Ben Shao your second dragon spirit root!! When the

words fell, Lin Shi rushed towards Xu Ming with the sound of the dragon's roar.

Xu Ming's face changed slightly, and he immediately took a cirrus step under his feet.


Looking at his cirrus footwork, the corners of Lin Shi's mouth hooked up a sneer, staring at the step point under Xu Ming's feet, one step, two steps, and in the third step, he suddenly stabbed forward with a sword.


A sword slashed, but it stabbed into the air.

Lin Shi was stunned.

I saw Xu Ming, who was supposed to take the third step, but this step was a false step and he didn't take it!

"You ......"

Lin Shi was stunned.

Xu Ming seized the opportunity and slashed out with a sword.


Lin Shi's expression changed slightly, and he hurriedly crossed the sword to barely block, and the whole process was too late to move, and Xu Ming's sword was shocked and staggered backwards.

Take advantage of your illness to kill you!

Xu Ming naturally would not let go of such an opportunity, and took the fourth step under his feet to chase and slash with a sword.

Lin Shi could only block it in a hurry, but at the same time as blocking it, he also stared at Xu Ming's feet.

Seeing Xu Ming take the fifth step, he did not hesitate to slash it with a sword.


However, this sword was slashed again.

I saw Xu Ming, who was supposed to take the fifth step, but this step was not taken again.

"How so??

Lin Shi couldn't believe it.

He had seen Xu Ming's cirrus step more than once, and he had specially invited the Yuan Infant Monk to see it and found a few flaws. With this flaw, he easily defeated Xu Ming and took away his dragon spirit root.

But at the moment, it's still a cirrus step,Why is the flaw missing?

Could it be that Xu Ming found out?

No way!

He only saw it when he asked the Yuan Infant Stage Monk, and it was generally difficult for even a Jindan Stage Monk to see the specific problem of this Cirrus Cloud Step.

"The master is really right!

Seeing Lin Shi's sword aimed at him to take a step, Xu Ming was glad in his heart.

If it weren't for Zhang Yun's previous guidance to Cirrus Yunbu, he would have been severely injured by Lin Shi when he took the third step. As for the ......


Lin Shi's sword missed, directly exposing most of his body completely.

How could Xu Ming miss such an opportunity?


The aura exploded, and he slashed out with all his strength.

"Ahh There was

a scream, and blood flew high with an arm.


The blade in Lin Shi's hand fell, and he covered the wound of his severed right arm with his left hand and screamed in pain, and couldn't help but roar angrily: "Waste, you dare to cut this young ......"


Before he finished speaking, Xu Ming had already slashed out another sword with an indifferent face, directly cutting him to the ground.

A blood mark appeared on his chest, Lin Shi looked at Xu Ming with an indifferent face, felt that the killing intent changed his face, and hurriedly shouted: "Waste... Xu Ming, you can't kill Ben Shao, Ben Shao is the young master of the Lin family in Nanyun City. If you kill me, not only you, but everyone around you will be retaliated against by our Lin family!!

When Xu Ming heard this, he was about to slash out the sword slightly.

The Lin family ......

in Nanyun CityThinking of this behemoth-like family power, he hesitated.

If only he was alone, but now he has a master and a junior ......

"Senior brother, be careful!!

At this moment, Wu Xiaopang's roar suddenly came from his ears.

Xu Ming's expression changed, and he hurriedly dodged sideways.

And this dodge, the black-robed man next to him rushed directly over, and ran away with Lin Shi, who had fallen to the ground.

"Hugh away!!

Xu Ming shouted angrily and wanted to chase, but as soon as he took a step after him, a sharp pain suddenly came from his shoulder.

The wound on his left shoulder before, because of his series of battles, had already been opened, and blood kept flowing out for a while.

The pain spread instantly.

The battle just now was completely supported by his anger and hatred. I can't support ...... anymore at the

moment"Senior brother!

He only heard Wu Xiaopang's exclamation, and then fainted.