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Immortal Wind and Cloud Chapter 13 Immortal Eye Polar Body Treasure Book


  "Overlord Holy Heavenly Formula" - Stepless Exercises' "Orderless again?"

Zhang Yun raised his eyebrows, picked up the scroll and looked at it

"To cultivate this method, you need to have the qualifications of a tyrant-type physique. Cultivating this method can transform the aura into the true qi of the overlord, this method is divided into seven layers, one is the overlord body, and the true qi tempers the whole body. Double overlord power, overlord qi into power, deterring one side. The power of the triple overlord shakes the ...... of the Quartet."

"Condensing the true qi of the overlord?"

Zhang Yun's eyes lit up when he looked at it.

He was worried about how to get the true qi of the overlord to help Wu Xiaopang activate the overlord holy body, but now it's good, this matching exercise was sent directly!

Immediately picked up the scroll and prepared to leave the Immortal Master World.


But at this moment, the immortal master's warrant on the back of his hand suddenly lit up, and a message popped up -

'Successfully match the exercises for the two apprentices, and you get the right to match the exercises for yourself once!'

"Self-matching exercises?my own?".

Zhang Yun was stunned, his eyes immediately lit up, and he immediately said, "Match!" Buzz!!

As soon as the words fell, the void in front of him immediately formed a distortion, and soon a white jade scroll appeared. Zhang Yun hurriedly picked it up——

"Immortal Eye Extreme Body Treasure Book" (Orderless Exercises)

This book is divided into two tips, one is the fairy eye formula, and the other is the extreme body formula.

Immortal Eye Technique: Condensing the true qi in the eyes, and running this recipe can stimulate the second-level potential of the Immortal Master's Heavenly Eye, and you can see through the weaknesses of other monks and the flaws in the martial arts at a glance.

Extreme Body Formula: You need to have an immortal master to return to the body to cultivate, and if you practice this decision, you will open the extreme body. After each major realm of the host reaches the peak, it can open up an additional peak tenfold realm by returning to cultivation, and each time the realm is raised, the combat power will be greatly improved.


"I'll go!"

Zhang Yun's eyes kept coming. What kind of exercise is this, it's completely to upgrade and strengthen his two golden fingers!

"See through the weaknesses and flaws of others......


With this ability, as soon as he fights, he will hammer the opponent's weakness to the end, who can stand it?

There is also the peak tenfold realm of this extreme body technique.

Judging from the combat power brought to him by his current immortal master's return body, the combat power here has increased significantly, and it is estimated that he will directly go to a higher realm. For example, he is now at the peak of the foundation building period, if he breaks through to this peak tenfold realm, he may be able to directly skip the level and overturn the Jindan period!

"What an accident!"

Zhang Yun happily put away the scroll, and immediately read the warrant to the immortal master:


In a flash, he returned to the cave.

Wu Xiaopang was still sitting there with his eyes closed.

Zhang Yun didn't make a sound in a hurry, the spiritual energy in his body surged up his eyes, and he stared at each other. I saw a piece of information that turned red in his eyes-

[Wu Xiaopang]

Realm: One Heavy

Qi Refining Period

Cultivated Exercises: Yong Ling Jue, Yong Ling Fist

Weaknesses: The speed is slow, and the cultivated exercises gather spiritual energy to gather in the back of the neck, which is the lifeline, and attacking this part can easily hit the ......

"Good guy, the door is out!"

Zhang Yun raised his eyebrows.

Converged the aura that gathered his eyes, and then looked at the information displayed by Wu Xiaopang, and switched to the disciple information seen by the normal immortal master's heavenly eye.

"It's still not intuitive to look at the disciples, I'll find a Jindan period later..."

Zhang Yun touched his chin and thought.

He had also tried to see the elders of the Spirit Immortal Sect with the Immortal Master's Heavenly Eye, but no information appeared.

At that time, the information that the Immortal Master Heavenly Eye could see was obviously limited to disciples. Now that I have this fairy eye trick, I should be able to see these elders.

With a light breath, Zhang Yun spoke: "Xiaopang, I will pass you a set of exercises for the teacher now, listen carefully!"

Wu Xiaopang, who was waiting with his eyes closed, shook his body when he heard this, and immediately pricked up his ears.

"This exercise is called the Overlord Saint Heavenly Technique......"

Zhang Yun picked up the exercise scroll and read it to Wu Xiaopang.

Wu Xiaopang listened carefully, only to see that his body was listening and listening, and his body involuntarily condensed his aura and operated according to the content of the exercises.

The aura of the surrounding heaven and earth is visible to the naked eye and begins to converge.

It's just that it hasn't gathered much, and these spiritual energies are like being stuck somewhere, and the aura on Wu Xiaopang's body has gradually become messy. 'The condensed cyclone on the back of the neck hinders the absorption of the spiritual energy, let it disperse the cyclone condensed by the inferior exercises you cultivated'

Looking at the information that popped up in his eyes, Zhang Yun immediately spoke, "The exercises you practiced before have restricted you from condensing and absorbing the aura now, dissipating the cyclone that you had condensed in your body before!"

"Master, this ......"

Wu Xiaopang hesitated a little when he heard this.

The cyclone condensed in his body, which he had worked so hard to condense, was now going to disperse ......

"Believe in being a teacher!"

Zhang Yun said in a deep voice.

This sentence shocked Wu Xiaopang's body, gritted his teeth, and directly dispersed the condensed cyclone on the back of his neck.


The moment the cyclone dispersed, it was as if the switch of a certain valve port was opened, and Wu Xiaopang's body suddenly erupted with a terrifying suction.

Like a huge magnet, it began to frantically suck in the aura from all directions.

Zhang Yun didn't care too much about it, but his expression couldn't help but change when he looked at it.

Because the suction is getting more and more terrifying.

Starting from absorbing the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth around the cave, it gradually spread to absorb the entire ninth peak, and then spread towards the other eighteen peaks of the Spirit Immortal Sect.

In just a few blinks of an eye, Wu Xiaopang had already turned into a humanoid spirit gathering array, frantically absorbing and gathering the heaven and earth aura of the entire Spirit Immortal Sect ......

For a while, the Spirit Immortal Sect was alarmed. "What's the situation? Why is the aura of heaven and earth flying away?"

"MD, I can't absorb the exercises, what's going on with these heaven and earth aura?"

"It's the Ninth Peak!

These heaven and earth auras are flying in the direction of the ninth peak!!"

"Rub, what are you doing with the ninth peak? How do you absorb the aura of our eighth peak!!"

"Nima, don't go too far with the ninth peak, this is the heaven and earth aura of our seventh peak. You suck like this, it's a bandit's behavior!!"

"Damn, Long Xiao wasn't enough a few days ago, and now he's starting to suck up aura again? ......

As a monk, he is extremely sensitive to the aura of heaven and earth, especially those who are cultivating.

At this moment, this aura was forcibly absorbed, and the cultivation of many monks in the Spirit Immortal Sect was forced to be interrupted, and they all discovered the vision of the ninth peak for a while, and they couldn't help but scold.

"What is that guy Zhang Yun doing?"

The elders of the Spirit Immortal Sect were all a little confused when they saw this.

A few days ago, the ninth peak sent out a dragon roar, and it was not surprising that they knew that Zhang Yun had accepted a disciple of the Holy Dragon Spirit Root. What the hell is this inhaling the aura of the whole sect right now?


Suzerain's Peak.

The Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect was also stunned.

What's going on?

Not long after Zhang Yuncai left the Sect Master Peak, why did he make such a big move?

Could it be that the Dragon Spirit Root disciple again?

Not quite right!

He shook his head.

Not to mention that the other party caused the vision so quickly and continuously, if it was really the disciple of the dragon spirit root, breaking through and absorbing the aura would generally be accompanied by the vision of the dragon chanting and dragon roaring. Not at the moment, there is a high probability that it is not a disciple of the dragon spirit root.

Could it be Zhang Yun himself?

The Immortal Sect Master thought about it and continued to shake his head.


Even if Zhang Yun returned to the Jindan period, it would be impossible to make such a big move.

"Why didn't you find out before, this kid is so capable of making noise?"

Unable to think of a reason, the Sect Master of the Spirit Immortal Sect simply didn't want to, but just looked at the Ninth Peak with a strange look in his eyes.

He shook his head.

Anyway, it didn't cause any damage to the Spirit Immortal Sect, at most, it was a temporary absorption of the aura of heaven and earth, and it would naturally stop after a while!


Tenth Peak.

"What the hell is this bastard doing?"

Meng Zhong looked in the direction of the ninth peak next door with a gloomy expression.

He was cultivating well, but the surrounding aura was suddenly sucked away, causing his cultivation to be interrupted, which was quite angry.

If he could, he really wanted to immediately pick up a knife and cut Zhang Yun. But at the same time, I was also surprised, how did this movement of absorbing aura come about?

Could it be that Xu Ming again?

It's not cool to think about him, how did such a genius fall into the hands of Zhang Yun?

"But it's not necessarily a good thing to collect this talent, maybe it will become a scourge!"

Suddenly thinking of something, the anger on Meng Zhong's face turned into a sneer, and he glanced at the ninth peak: "You can't be around for long!"


After about two minutes, this aura absorption stopped.

The whole Spirit Immortal Sect breathed a sigh of relief. If the aura is absorbed by the Ninth Peak like this, they won't have to cultivate!

The ninth peak, inside the cave.

"This special physique activates cultivation, is there such a big movement?"

Looking at the huge aura vortex that Wu Xiaopang absorbed from all directions into the cave mansion and condensed, Zhang Yun smacked his tongue.

And Wu Xiaopang is like a silkworm cocoon forming a chrysalis at this moment, and his body is wrapped in aura to form a cocoon of light.

Zhang Yun could feel that Wu Xiaopang's breath in the light cocoon was continuing to rise.

One minute, two minutes ......


After waiting for about ten minutes, I heard a crisp sound, and a crack appeared in the light cocoon.

The next second ......


The whole light cocoon exploded.

A dazzling golden light suddenly swept out, accompanied by a breath that soared upwards in a rocket-like manner.

The gas refining period is threefold, the gas refining period is fivefold, and the gas refining period is sevenfold ......

The peak of the Qi refining period!

Zhang Yun didn't even react, and Wu Xiaopang's breath rushed all the way to the limit of the Qi refining period before meeting.


Zhang Yun was stunned. What's the situation?

Is this special physique awakening, and the realm all broken through like this?

'Your apprentice Wu Xiaopang's cultivation has been promoted from the first level of the Qi Refining Period to the tenth peak of the Qi Refining Period, and you have obtained a hundredfold cultivation to return!'

At this time, a large stream of energy suddenly surging out of his body made him 'sleep', and he hurriedly sat down cross-legged and began refining.

"Just try this Extreme Body Duel!"

With the operation of the Extreme Body Decision, the energy in his body suddenly became like a rushing wave, and began to sweep in his body wave after wave.


The crispy numb taste made him breathe straight while clearly feeling the enhancement of his body.


With wave after wave of impact, it was as if an invisible barrier existing in his body had been broken at this moment.

"The tenfold realm of the peak of the foundation building period, open!"

A piece of information appeared in Zhang Yun's mind.

In the next second, a cyclone suddenly appeared in his body, bringing boundless suction, and he began to frantically absorb the aura of heaven and earth in all directions.

From the periphery of the cave, to the entire ninth peak, to the other eighteen peaks of the Spirit Immortal Sect ......

The aura of heaven and earth is swarming towards Zhang Yun like crazy at this moment!

"Nima, again!?"

"Damn, what kind of fame is this Ninth Peak doing?


The Spirit Immortal Sect is going crazy!

Especially some people who have just sat down, and finally condensed some aura and were snatched away, at this time they have the heart to kill!

This ninth peak is not for people to cultivate, right?

One minute, two minutes......

After a few minutes, seeing that this absorption did not stop, the whole Spirit Immortal Sect was furious.

Just as they were about to raise their knives to kill the ninth peak, this absorption finally stopped.

But their knives didn't put down.

After waiting for a few minutes to make sure that the ninth peak did not continue to absorb the aura, they put down their swords one after another. But the eyes that looked at the ninth peak one by one were very unkind, if they dared to do it again next, they promised to immediately raise their knives and kill the ninth peak!