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Chapter 15 You're Wrong to Start Too Light!


  In the next few days, Zhang Yun focused on instructing Xu Ming in terms of combat skills. In the first two days, Xu Ming was alone, and in the second two days, Wu Xiaopang, who was already able to use the true qi of the overlord, was also brought along.

In this way, the time soon came to the day of the two exchange meetings.

Early in the morning.

Zhang Yun took the two apprentices and came to a clearing outside the mountain gate of the Spirit Immortal Sect.

By the time he arrived, there had already been a lot of people gathered here.

Among them are Meng Zhong and Mu Sheng.

The former is an elder who came with his disciples. The latter came to observe. As a disciple of the sect master, the peak monk of the foundation building period can be said to be the future elder.


Meng Zhong was slightly stunned when he saw Zhang Yun followed by two disciples, and his eyes couldn't help but glance at Wu Xiaopang. Who is this fat man?

When did Zhang Yun have a second apprentice?

The other elders present also found out, and they were all a little surprised.

Although Zhang Yun received a genius apprentice that they envied, with the former's reputation in the sect, there should be no other disciples willing to apprentice. This little fat man ......


Thinking of the vision of the ninth peak frantically gathering and absorbing the aura of the whole sect a few days ago, all the elders looked awe-inspired. That vision, it can't be this little fat man's making, right?

Could it be that Zhang Yun has accepted another genius disciple?

"Ninth Elder, did you really take this Wu Xiaopang?"

At this time, Mu Sheng's voice interrupted the thoughts of the elders.

All the elders were stunned and looked at Mu Sheng in unison.

Does the latter know Zhang Yun's two apprentices?

I only heard Mu Sheng continue to speak: "The Ninth Elder is very interested, and we don't want a registered disciple from the sect master Peak Deacon, but you actually accepted it." Looking at this posture, are you still going to take him to participate in the two exchange meetings?"

"Oh, too......"

As he said with a look of thinking of something, he nodded to himself and continued: "After all, we are under the command of the Nine Elders, and there are only two disciples!"

He spoke in a deliberately loud tone.

was fined for three months, and Mu Sheng was furious when he saw Zhang Yun at this moment.

Seeing Zhang Yun with Wu Xiaopang, he couldn't help but sneer, he wanted the elders to know what kind of breed Zhang Yun's newly acquired second apprentice was.

A named disciple who doesn't want deacons?

The elders raised their eyebrows when they heard this, and immediately stopped paying attention to Wu Xiaopang. I thought it was a genius, but they thought too much about it!

"Tsk, I thought that the Ninth Elder had accepted another genius, but Dare was just a waste!"

Meng Zhong couldn't help but sneer.


Zhang Yun looked at him lightly: "Are you talking about yourself, eyeless ass?"

"Zhang Yun!!"

Hearing these words, Meng Zhong's face instantly became gloomy.

Zhang Yun didn't bird him much, and looked at Mu Sheng lightly to the side and said: "I haven't seen you for a few days, but you have changed a lot of words, it seems that the bone of your right hand doesn't hurt anymore!"

Mu Sheng's face turned cold when he heard this, and he subconsciously retracted his right hand into his sleeve robe, and 'hummed' without saying more.

Zhang Yun was too lazy to take care of the two.

"Master, my junior brother and I went over to say hello to those senior brothers and sisters!"

Xu Ming suddenly spoke, and his eyes were looking not far away.

Zhang Yun looked at it when he heard this, and at this time, the disciples brought by the elders were all gathered on that side.

Xu Ming and Wu Xiaopang worshiped under him, and they had not yet come into contact with other peak disciples, but now it was an opportunity to get in touch.

Nodding immediately, "Go!"

Xu Ming and Wu Xiaopang immediately walked over there.

"Hello senior brothers and sisters, we are Xu Ming and Wu Xiaopang from the Ninth Peak!"

The two stepped forward and politely said hello.

Hearing this, all the elders and disciples present looked at the two of them, and their eyes couldn't help but pause on Xu Ming.

They had all heard of this new disciple who had just entered the sect and triggered the vision of Long Xiao. Thinking of the visions caused by the ninth peak a few days ago, the eyes they looked at Xu Ming were a little complicated.

They don't know whether to envy or sympathize.

With such a talent, he actually worshiped under the strange command of the Nine Elders....

However, they still nodded to Xu Ming kindly.

No matter what, the talent is here, no matter how bad the master is, there will be some achievements in the future!

"You are the apprentice that the Strange Nine Elders accepted?"

But not everyone was friendly, I saw a black-robed young man staring at Xu Ming up and down for a while, and then said disdainfully: "This exchange meeting, I advise you not to go." As a new disciple, you are not yet worthy to participate in this grand event. If you know each other, go back to cultivate honestly, don't go out and embarrass the sect!"

The disciples were stunned.

But it was not surprising to see that it was a young man in a black robe.

This person's name is Jin Nan, and he is a disciple of the Ten Elders Meng Zhong. Xu Ming's face turned gloomy when he heard this, "You say it again!"

"What, what I said was wrong?"

The black-robed young man Jin Nan sneered: "Or do you think that you are qualified to ......."

Xu Ming didn't wait for him to finish speaking, and then interrupted: "I'm asking you, who are you talking about!?"

Jin Nan was stunned for a moment, but quickly reacted, and smiled disdainfully: "What, what I said is problematic? The Ninth Elder is a strange ...... who has wasted his own cultivation."

"You're looking for a fight!!"

Before he could finish speaking, Xu Ming was already shouting angrily and waving his fist.

Jin Nan didn't expect him to react so much, but he secretly sneered when he saw Xu Ming's move. Although the process is a little different from his imagination, this is the result he wants!

If he strikes first, it is a big bully. But if Xu Ming strikes first, then he can teach him a lesson, and no one will say anything. The task given to him by the master is very simple!

"This guy is too impulsive!"

The surrounding people shook their heads slightly when they saw this scene.

Although Xu Ming is a genius, he has just joined the sect after all. And Jin Nan had joined the Spirit Immortal Sect as early as three years ago, and had cultivated under Meng Zhong for three years, and now his cultivation had reached the seventh level of the Qi Refining Period.

This fight, Xu Ming is going to suffer a big loss!

The elders not far away also noticed this scene and couldn't help but look at Meng Zhong. "It's normal for there to be a little friction between disciples..."

Meng Zhong smiled and deliberately looked at Zhang Yun: "You're right, Ninth Elder?"

Zhang Yun shrugged when he heard this: "Tenth Elder is right!"


Seeing that his reaction was so flat, Meng Zhong was stunned.

The next second ......


I heard an uproar not far away.

I saw Xu Ming and Jin Nan colliding with their fists, and the expected picture of Xu Ming being directly subdued did not appear, but was ......


Jin Nan was punched by Xu Ming, just like a child hitting an adult, and he fell directly to the ground.


Xu Ming's fist was swirled with red gold aura, and the dragon power that filled it seemed to have a faint dragon roar.

"Qi Refining Period Ninefold!?"

Feeling the aura he emanated, the audience was stunned.

"How is this possible?"

Meng Zhong's eyes widened directly.

When Xu Ming received the apprentices, he was obviously only in the Qi refining period. It's only been a few days?

The Qi Refining Period is ninefold??


Just thinking about it, when he saw Xu Ming continuing to attack Jin Nan not far away, his face changed and he hurriedly wanted to step forward to stop it. Zhang Yun stopped him in one step and said lightly: "Tenth Elder, what are you trying to do? The disciple is a little frictional, isn't it normal?"


Meng Zhong was choked when he heard this.

Seeing that Xu Ming punched Jin Nan again not far away, his face changed when he beat him hard, and he immediately shouted angrily: "Xu Ming, stop." Do you want to openly kill your fellow disciples!?"

Hearing this, Xu Ming paused.

"Die for me!!"

With this pause, Jin Nan, who had already lost his mind a little bit, found a gap, and angrily took out a sword and stabbed it directly at Xu Ming's neck.

This sudden change made everyone's faces change.

Fortunately, Xu Ming felt the crisis, reacted quickly, and quickly tilted his head and dodged the sword.


But he was also irritated by Jin Nan.

This sword, I completely want to kill him!

The golden dragon aura on Xu Ming's fist exploded.


A dragon groaned, and an angry punch was thrown with all his might.


Jin Nan spat blood, and there was a cracking 'click' sound from the bones on his body, and his entire body flew out.

Seeing this, Meng Zhong's face changed, and he hurriedly stepped forward to catch Jin Nan, who was about to fall to the ground.

"Little brute, how dare you do this!!"

After checking Jin Nan's condition, Meng Zhong suddenly looked at Xu Ming angrily.

At this moment, Jin Nan's ribs didn't know how many were broken, and his whole body was unnaturally distorted, and there was already one breath left.

"Heavy hand, your apprentice just wanted to kill him, right?"

Zhang Yun also stepped forward to Xu Ming at this time, looked at Meng Zhong coldly and said, "According to the rules of the sect, if you openly kill a disciple of the same sect, you will be punished with capital punishment." , you apprentice deserves to be killed even if he is killed!!"


Meng Zhong was annoyed. "Enough!"

At this time, a deep voice came, and I saw the Great Elder of the Spirit Immortal Sect open his mouth and scolded: "The exchange meeting with the Nanshan Sect is imminent, what are you doing here?"

Meng Zhong's face was ugly.

Although Jin Nan is not dead, he will definitely not be able to participate in the two exchange meetings of this injury. Before the exchange meeting began, one less apprentice ......

What made him even more uncomfortable was that Xu Ming had already been in the ninth level of Qi refining and had not been injured at all. It is equivalent to this wave, Zhang Yun's side is unscathed, and he folds an apprentice.

Stealing chickens is not a recipe for rice. Just think about it and he's angry!

Zhang Yun didn't pay much attention to Meng Zhong, and looked at Xu Ming at this moment: "Ming'er, do you know what is wrong?"

"Knowing your mistakes in vain!"

Xu Ming lowered his head.

"Do you know what you're doing wrong?"

"Don't be impulsive. ”


The elders in the audience listened to the conversation between Zhang Yun and Xu Ming, and raised their eyebrows slightly.

Although he is a novice in terms of being a master, it seems that Zhang Yun still knows how to teach his disciples.

However, Zhang Yun's next sentence made them almost recite it in one breath.

"Impulsive fart! You made a mistake in making a mistake that you were too light, and in the face of the situation just now, you should have killed directly!!"

Listening to Zhang Yun's scolding, Xu Ming was stunned.

Dare to love him, is it too light?


The corners of the elders' mouths twitched, you really don't think it's big enough!

Meng Zhong was eyes breathing fire, and he couldn't wait to rush forward and cut Zhang Yun down.

This bastard!!

The disciples were also speechless when they heard this, this wonderful Nine Elders really lived up to their wonderful name.

But the word 'wonderful' ......

They couldn't help but glance at Xu Ming.

The reason why the latter beat Jin Nan before was obviously because the other party called Zhang Yun. If Xu Ming's strength is weak, forget it, the strength he just showed ......

They smacked their tongues in their hearts.

The Qi Refining Period is ninefold, and there is also the aura that contains the dragon power ......

This Xu Ming is really amazing!

If there is such a link as a disciple duel between the two sects in this exchange meeting, then this Xu Ming will probably be one of the strong contenders for the championship! ......