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Spirit Immortal Wind Chapter 21 Spirit Beasts and High-grade Elixirs in the Foundation Building Period


  Deep in the South Wind Forest, in a cave.

Five men wrapped in black robes were sitting around a bonfire.

"Two exchange meetings have begun!

"When are we going to act?

"It's sooner rather than later, act now! A

few words of conversation with each other.

One of the black-robed men took out a crystal mirror, and inside the mirror was a map with three red dots moving.

"It's not far from us, let's go! The

black-robed man with the mirror spoke.

In the next second, the five black-robed men disappeared into the cave, and the bonfire was directly extinguished by the passing wind.


In the central area of the southerly forest, there is a clearing between the woodlands.


A two-meter-tall spirit beast black-toothed rabbit with a mouth full of fangs fell down with a wail.

'Complete the task and get 20 points'

Looking at the information that popped up from the bracelet, Zhang Yunxiang looked affirmatively at Wu Xiaopang, who was standing next to the black-toothed rabbit and panting: "Good job!"

Wu Xiaopang smiled.

This black-toothed rabbit is an eightfold cultivator in the Qi Refining Period, although he is at the peak of the Qi Refining Period, he lacks combat experience, and it took a lot of effort to solve it!

"106 points, I don't know what the ranking is?

Zhang Yun glanced at the numbers on the bracelet and was slightly curious.

Calculating the time, it has been almost an hour since the start of the two exchange meetings.

He wasn't sure where he would rank.

After all, at the beginning, it took a lot of time to fight with Qiu Luo and the others. However, after that, through Qiu Luo's road map, it was much easier to find spirit beasts.

"No matter what number it is now, try to win the first place in three days!

Zhang Yun's eyes lit up.

Participating in these two exchange meetings, his goal is first.

Not to mention the Infant Transformation Pill, this is also related to this year's ranking of the elders of the Spirit Immortal Sect!

If he can win the first place, then his elder performance this year will be greatly improved, and then there will be a great hope of retaining the position of elder!

"Let's go! Thinking about it

is momentarily motivating.

Continue to follow the route map to find the next spirit beast location.


After finding the place this time, Zhang Yun raised his eyebrows.

This is a lake in the forest, and there are more than a dozen crocodiles with a length of two or three meters floating on the lake.

It was all one or two before, but now it's good, a group!

"This time for the teacher!

Looking at Xu Ming and Wu Xiaopang, who were eager to try, Zhang Yun waved his hand and immediately prepared to walk out.


Suddenly, a low roar came from the lake in front of me, and I saw a giant crocodile with a length of more than five meters leaning out from under the lake. Zhang Yun was stunned, and ran the fairy eye trick -

[Spirit Crocodile King]

Cultivation: Double

foundation building period

Weaknesses: The nose and abdomen are very fragile, and attacking these two areas can quickly cause serious damage ......

"Foundation building period?

Zhang Yun's expression moved.

After entering the South Wind Forest for half a day, it was the first time that I encountered a spirit beast in the foundation building period.

"It looks like we can harvest a wave of points..."

The corners of his mouth curled, and he immediately stepped forward.

Just as he was close to ten meters away from the lake, the Spirit Crocodile King on the surface of the lake obviously sensed it, and his fierce pupils looked straight at him.


Seeing him, the intruder suddenly roared, and his huge body swam out of the lake in twos and threes, and he opened his bloody mouth and pounced on him.

Although his body was huge, the speed of this Spirit Crocodile King was not slow at all, and he rushed in front of him in an instant.

Zhang Yun had already prepared, and Qingyuan stepped forward under his feet.

Directly from the side, the spirit crocodile king's bloody mouth was flashed, and the spiritual energy on the fist was aimed at its tender white abdomen, and raising his hand was an uppercut.


The aura and power on the fist exploded at the same time, directly blasting the spirit crocodile king's huge body into the air, turning a few times in the air and falling heavily.

Fell to the ground on all fours, and lost his breath directly under this punch.


Many spirit crocodiles on the lake who witnessed this scene looked at each other, and their faces showed humanized bewilderment.

He's dead?

Their king, dead... He's dead??

was stunned, and suddenly saw Zhang Yun smiling at them.

A group of spirit crocodiles were so frightened that they all dived to the bottom of the lake without saying a word.

How could Zhang Yun let them go?

Wrap your mouth and nose directly with aura, and chase and jump into the lake.

This spirit crocodile lake is not deep, only six or seven meters. Although Zhang Yun's speed under the lake is not as good as that of land, it is still easy to catch these spirit crocodiles in the Qi refining period.

Within two minutes, one by one the spirit crocodiles were killed by him and thrown onto the surface of the lake.


After solving these spirit crocodiles, Zhang Yun was about to swim back up, and his eyes were suddenly attracted by the center of the lake.

I saw that there were a few crystal-like Ganoderma lucidum. 【Crystal Ganoderma lucidum】

Grade: Top-grade elixir

Introduction: Condensation with water energy, a natural elixir that grows at the bottom of rivers and lakes, each plant needs to go through ten years of energy condensation before it grows and takes shape.

It contains extremely strong water aura energy, which can be of great help to monks and spirit beasts who practice water attribute exercises.

Harvesting: Wrap it in Reiki and place it in a container filled with water. Note: Once this Ganoderma lucidum is detached from water, the energy will quickly dissipate and disappear, so be sure to use it up within one minute when using it.


A piece of information suddenly appeared in front of him, which made Zhang Yun stunned.

"You can even look at the elixir? Immediately

, his eyes lit up.

I thought that this immortal master Tianyan could only see the disciple's information, but I didn't expect that it was a spirit beast first, and now even the elixir information can be seen.

This immortal master's eye is simply an encyclopedia!

"Ten years of top-grade water-attribute elixir, good thing!

Zhang Yun's face was full of joy.

In the Immortal Dao Continent, the elixir is divided into five grades: lower grade, middle grade, upper grade, best grade, and holy medicine. The specific value is also related to the use and year of the elixir.

Like the crystal lingzhi in front of him, it belongs to the water attribute high-grade elixir of ten years, which can directly help the monks. The value of this elixir is very precious.

Zhang Yun estimated that this random plant would cost thousands of spirit stones, to say the least.

Immediately swam to the side of a few crystal lingzhi, took out a small wooden shovel and a few glass boxes, directly filled the lake with water, and then carefully loaded these crystal lingzhi into the way taught by the immortal master Tianyan.

Several crystal reishi mushrooms were picked, and you can see that there is a blue mark left underneath.

There are still a few remnants next to this mark.

"It seems that the Spirit Crocodile King just now only broke through the foundation after swallowing a few strains of this crystal Lingzhi! ”

Zhang Yun understood at a glance, and couldn't help but shake his head.

This spirit crocodile king is really a tyrannical thing! I knew I was going to kill him with a few more punches. Kill with one punch, it's so cheap for this little crocodile king!

Without staying under the lake for long, Zhang Yun put the packed glass box into the storage ring and swam back to the shore.


Xu Ming and Wu Xiaopang also came to the lake, and when they saw him swim up, they immediately greeted him.

"Collect those crocodile corpses!

Zhang Yun pointed around.

Xu Ming and the others nodded, and immediately put away the corpse of the spirit crocodile.

Zhang Yun used his aura to pass over the robe on his body, and the robe was dried in an instant.

"Having aura is convenience!

Smiling slightly, Zhang Yun turned his head and was about to say something, when his expression suddenly froze.

"Come out! Suddenly

looked in one direction of the forest, and said coldly.