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Immortal Storm Chapter 9 Get down!


  Three days have passed in the blink of an eye.

The ninth peak of the Lingxian Sect, in the cave.

Zhang Yun was surrounded by a shallow layer of pale green aura under his feet, moving back and forth in the cave, and every step under his feet gave people a sense of mystery.

"This Qingyuan step is good!"

After walking like this for half a quarter of an hour, the smile on the corner of Zhang Yun's mouth stopped.

For three days, he was not idle, and roughly practiced the superior exercises obtained from the Ten Thousand Worlds Gong Law Pavilion.

The most satisfying thing is this Qingyuan step. As a body-based exercise, learning nothing else, in terms of dodging attacks and escaping speed, is definitely a big improvement!

"Can the Nine Elders be there?"

Just as he was thinking about it, a voice suddenly sounded in his ears that resounded throughout the entire Ninth Peak.

With a frown, Zhang Yun looked out of the cave and walked out.

As soon as he walked out, he saw a man in green clothes with long hair fluttering, stepping on a flying sword, flying proudly over the ninth peak. This person Zhang Yun recognized, the second apprentice of the sect master, Mu Sheng!

Looking at the other party's posture of flying to the peak, Zhang Yun's face sank: "Come down!"

Mu Sheng saw Zhang Yun appear and was about to speak, when he heard this, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but hook up a trace of contempt, and he raised his head arrogantly: "Ninth Elder, I came here on the order of my master......"

"I'll let you down!"

Zhang Yun interrupted with a cold drink. Mu Sheng didn't care, and still bent the corners of his mouth to speak: "Ninth Elder......"

"I told you to get down, didn't you hear!?"

Zhang Yun drank coldly again, and this time he directly turned his hand and a flying sword flew out of the storage ring, breaking through the air and shooting straight at the other party. Mu Sheng's expression froze, and he immediately took out a long sword to block the flying sword, and said coldly: "Ninth Elder, you dare to attack me!?"

"Get the hell out of here!!"

Zhang Yun shouted violently, and pressed down with his right hand.

On the flying sword that Mu Sheng blocked with a long sword, a 'boom' suddenly erupted with an astonishing aura.

"Not good!"

Mu Sheng's face changed, and he didn't have time to dodge and directly hit this aura, and even the person with a sword fell from the sky, and landed on a tree branch in front of the peak in embarrassment.

"Zhang Yun, you ......"

This made him furious and was about to roar.


I only heard the sound of breaking wind reaching my ears, and the next second there was an extra palm on my shoulder.


The whole body was directly dragged to the ground by the palm of this hand, and he fell to the ground in a dog-eating posture.

"No one taught you. If it weren't for the urgency of the 100,000 people, wouldn't it be allowed to make loud noises in the Elder Peak, let alone allow the disciples to fly to the peak?"

Zhang Yun stood aside and flicked his sleeve robe lightly and spoke coldly.

Mu Sheng was disgraced at the moment, and when he heard this reprimand, he was annoyed, and roared angrily: "Zhang Yun, you are looking for death!!"

A body of aura exploded, and when he got up, he smashed Zhang Yun with a punch.


Zhang Yun raised his hand directly and caught the punch.

"Die to me!!"

Mu Sheng's aura erupted in his fist, wanting to fly Zhang Yunzhen out directly.

But after being shocked for a long time, he found that his explosive fist strength aura seemed to be hitting a copper wall, and it couldn't be shaken at all.

"You ......"

Mu Sheng's eyes showed a hint of consternation.

He is the pinnacle of the foundation building period. The strength of this punch and the aura exploded, but he didn't have any strength. Zhang Yun, who has fallen to the third level of the foundation building stage, should be directly blown out, how can he ......

it now"Ahh

Mu Sheng screamed, his face turned red in pain and he hurriedly shouted: "Let go!

Zhang Yun pinched the other party's hand bones with an indifferent face, raised a kick and kicked the opponent's stomach to fly out, and said coldly: "Nian is that you are a first-time offender, Elder Ben will spare you this time." Next time, I'll just scrap you!"

Mu Sheng kicked and slammed into a boulder next to him, and his whole body hurt as if he was falling apart, and when he heard this, he burst into anger: "Zhang Yun, I want to ...... this matter."

But as soon as he spoke, he coldly interrupted Zhang Yun's self-care: "But you flew to the top of Elder Ben's peak, made a loud noise on Elder Ben's ninth peak, and now you are openly attacking Elder Ben. These elders will report to the sect master truthfully, you wait to accept the punishment of the sect master!"

Mu Sheng spurted out a mouthful of blood with a 'wow' when he heard this. This Nima is what he is about to say! Obviously, he should complain to the Sect Master!!

Regardless of what the other party thought, Zhang Yun regained his composure after speaking, and asked lightly: "You just said that it was on the order of the sect master?"

Mu Sheng almost spit out another mouthful of blood when he heard this. You now know that I am under the orders of the Sect Master?

MD, let's not talk about it!

He just turned his head.

Zhang Yun didn't care when he saw this, and he was also shocked to the side, and at this time, Xu Ming, who was dumbfounded, beckoned: "Apprentice, come here!"

Xu Ming was stunned and hurriedly stepped forward.

"Go, stomp on him!"

Zhang Yun pointed to Mu Sheng, who had fallen in front of the boulder.


Xu Ming was stunned.

"This guy bothered to practice with you as a teacher, and he deserved to be stepped on. Don't worry, the teacher is here, don't be afraid that he will dare to fight back!"

"Okay, master!"

Although he was a little confused, Xu Ming still nodded and stepped forward.

Mu Sheng was furious when he saw this: "Zhang Yun, don't go too far!!"

Zhang Yun ignored it. Seeing that Xu Ming approached and really wanted to step on it, Mu Sheng hurriedly shouted: "Zhang Yun, Master asked you to go to the Sect Master Peak, there is something important to find you!!"

"Sect Master looking for me?"

Zhang Yun raised his eyebrows.

Could it be that he knew that he had consumed too many spirit stones to cultivate his disciples, so he wanted to send him spirit stones?

Thinking about it, his eyes lit up, and he hurriedly greeted Xu Ming: "Don't step on the apprentice, come back!"

Hearing this, Xu Ming'

Oh' put down his feet and looked at Mu Sheng with some pity.

The look of really wanting to step on it made Mu Sheng's face green. Didn't this new disciple hear the conversation he had just had with Zhang Yun? He's a disciple of the sect master, do you really want to step on it?

"Apprentice, you stay and look after the house, and go back as a teacher!"

Zhang Yun said to Xu Ming, and then looked at Mu Sheng: "Lead the way!"

Do you want him to lead the way?

Mu Sheng glared.

"What, you want me to carry you to the Sect Master Peak?"

Zhang Yun said lightly.

The corners of Mu Sheng's mouth twitched, and he secretly cursed 'bastard' in his heart, gritted his teeth and stood up, using his left hand with an unbroken sword.

Zhang Yun also took out a flying sword and followed.

Edgeworth flying, this is not a difficult task for monks, and it can be done with a foundation building period.

The two flew all the way out of the ninth peak.

Soon flew in front of the Sect Master Peak, and when he arrived here, Mu Sheng immediately collected his sword and fell belowThe trail is ready to walk up the mountain.

Zhang Yun looked at it coldly.

In his ninth peak, the sword flew directly to the peak, and when he returned to the sect master peak at this moment, he knew how to abide by the rules!

Sensing Zhang Yun's gaze, the corners of Mu Sheng's mouth twitched.

His previous actions at the Ninth Peak, he did it deliberately.

After all, an elder who has already fallen to the foundation building stage triple cultivation, why should he be respected at the peak of the foundation building period?

In his mind, Zhang Yun didn't dare to do anything just now, but he didn't expect ......

"What the hell is going on with this guy?"

Feeling the right hand that was still aching, Mu Sheng was puzzled.

Didn't you say that Zhang Yun had already fallen to the triple foundation building stage? Why did the strength he just showed give him the feeling that it was not inferior to that of the Jindan stage at all? Could it be that the rumors were false?

Zhang Yun didn't pay much attention to Mu Sheng, put away his sword at this moment, and walked towards the top of the sect master peak. "Wu Xiaopang, you can make a mistake in doing this little thing, and you still want to cultivate immortals? From today on, you are no longer the registered disciple of this deacon, where can you go back and forth!"

"Don't, master!!"

As soon as he walked to the mountainside square of the Sect Master's Peak, there was a sudden burst of shouting and shouting in front of him.