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Immortal Wind Chapter 24 Slash


  The other side.

Ang ——!!

Hearing the sound of a dragon moaning from the forest in the distance, it was obviously Xu Ming's face, and Zhang Yun, who was fighting with the two black-robed people, changed his face, "Do you still have companions?" The

tall black-robed man didn't answer, but the corners of his mouth curled up for it.

Zhang Yun didn't hesitate, turned around and wanted to sweep into the distance.


But the sound of electricity in his ears came quickly, and he paused as he walked forward, and hurriedly jumped away from the place.


Almost at the moment when he jumped away, the fist full of electricity slammed into the ground, directly blasting open a half-meter hole.

The tall black-robed man was covered in thunder and lightning, his fist was pressed against the half-meter hole, and he looked at him indifferently: "In front of me, do you still want to leave?"

"Fuck off! Zhang Yun's

face was cold.

"Huh! The

tall black-robed man just chuckled.


Zhang Yun didn't talk much nonsense, and directly slashed out with a sword.

"I don't know what is so-called, do you really think that you can be powerful in front of me during the foundation building period?

Seeing this, the tall black-robed man snorted coldly, and the thunder and lightning aura on his fist was permeated, and he directly met it head-on.

But just as his fist was about to collide with Zhang Yun's sword, ......


As if passing through a phantom, his punch actually went straight through the sword.

"Huh? The

tall black-robed man was stunned for a moment, and his face changed suddenly in the next second, "Not good!" Poof


I saw that Zhang Yun's sword was like a ghost, and it actually appeared in front of his right leg at this time, so that he didn't even have time to react.

A sword had slashed through his right thigh.


There was a sound of landing.

Most of the tall black-robed man's right leg had detached from his body and fell to the ground with gurgling blood.


"Three Elders!! The

thin black-robed man next to him saw this scene, and his face changed greatly.

As the third elder at the peak of the Jindan period, he was actually cut off by a sword?


Before he had time to think about it, at this time, Zhang Yun had already slashed at him with his sword.

The thin black-robed man's face changed greatly, and he hurriedly dodged.

However, after dodging, he found that the 'Zhang Yun' who was slashed with a sword in front of him turned into a bubble and dissipated.

Looking at the side again, Zhang Yun had already appeared like a ghost.

"You ......"

Before he could open his mouth to utter a single word, he felt a pain in his neck.

Burst! The world spun around for a while, and then, there was no ......



Without taking a second look at the head that fell to the ground, Zhang Yun faintly glanced at the tall black-robed man next to him who only had one leg left, "I originally wanted to try this stealth sword technique with you more, but you ...... it"


Before he finished speaking, Zhang Yun had already drawn a long arc in the air with his sword.

The tall black-robed man didn't even have time to react, his neck was broken under the sword light, and his whole head flew high.

"I'm going to force me to cut off your heads early!

Zhang Yun said indifferently.

was about to go in the direction where Xu Ming and Wu Xiaopang had just gone, but suddenly two figures approached quickly in this direction.

It was the black-robed man in the foundation building period who escaped with Lin Shi on his back all the way.

Seeing Zhang Yun standing here, the black-robed people and Lin Shi in the foundation building period were all stunned.

Soon noticed the two corpses on the ground next to them, especially the corpses of the tall black-robed man.

"This ......"

made their mouths open and their eyes full of disbelief.

Three Elders!

The three elders at the peak of their Jindan period were actually killed!?

The black-robed man reacted immediately, and turned around with Lin Shi on his back and wanted to run.

How could Zhang Yun let him get his wish?

A Qingyuan stepped forward, turned his hand and directly knocked the black-robed man and Lin Shi to the ground.

didn't give the two of them a chance to speak, and directly left hand, one right hand, like carrying two chickens, led them in the direction of Xu Ming and Wu Xiaopang.

Soon, Zhang Yun saw his two apprentices.

Xu Ming fell to the ground in a bloody coma, while Wu Xiaopang was busy bandaging his wounds.

Seeing that both of them were still alive, Zhang Yun breathed a sigh of relief.


Wu Xiaopang also paid attention to him, and his eyes were full of surprise when he saw him.

Zhang Yun waved his hand, signaled that he would talk about it later, and casually threw Lin Shi and the others aside. Immediately dodged in front of Xu Ming, looked at his bleeding left shoulder, stretched out his finger and tapped it a few times.

The aura flowed in and temporarily stopped the bleeding.

'Infusing it with a metallic substance can activate the mutated golden dragon spirit root and trigger the self-healing ability of the dragon blood holy body.

Zhang Yun was about to bandage it, when Immortal Master Tianyan suddenly brought a piece of information.

With a slight brow, he immediately took out a gold dagger from the storage ring.

Because of Xu Ming's special physique, he prepared a few golden daggers in advance when he traveled, just in case.

Right now, it's working.


On the side, Wu Xiaopang was stunned when he saw Zhang Yun take out the golden dagger, and then saw that Zhang Yun actually stabbed Xu Ming's wound with a dagger, and he was suddenly startled: "You stop!" Poof


I wanted to stop it, but it was too late, Zhang Yun had already stabbed the dagger in.

"Bastard, who are you? Dare to pretend to be a master!! Wu Xiaopang's

eyes suddenly turned red.


Zhang Yun was speechless, and when he saw Wu Xiaopang wanting to attack him in a frenzy, he directly pressed him to the ground with one hand: "Take a good look at your senior brother!"

Feeling the strength of this palm, and hearing this again, Wu Xiaopang was stunned and looked at Xu Ming.

Xu Ming, who found that the wound was pierced by the golden dagger, not only did not deteriorate as expected, but as if he had triggered some ability, a faint golden light spread across the wound, and the cracked wound actually began to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"This ......" Wu Xiaopang's

face was full of disbelief.

"This is your senior brother's special physique!

Zhang Yun explained, watching Xu Ming's wound heal most of it in a few blinks, and he also smacked his tongue secretly.

This self-healing ability is terrifying!

"My immortal master's return to the body doesn't seem to be bad!

Thinking about it, he looked at his palm, and Zhang Yun raised his eyebrows.

Earlier, he helped Wu Xiaopang block a sword, and his hand was pierced, and he used his aura to stop the bleeding at that time. After that, the battle didn't pay attention at all, and at this moment,Only to find that the wound on the palm of the hand had almost healed.


Lin Shi and the others, who were thrown aside, noticed Xu Ming's self-healing wound, and their eyes showed shock.

This Nima is a monster, right?

How can an injury heal so quickly!?

"You were just attacked by these two guys?

Zhang Yun also looked at Lin Shi and the others at this time, and asked lightly.

"Yes, master! Wu Xiaopang had already noticed Lin Shi and the others, nodded when he heard the words, and at the same time looked into the distance with some uncertainty: "Master, those Jindan period ...... just now"

"It's the master."

"Jae... Slaughtered?

Wu Xiaopang's eyes widened and he looked at Zhang Yun in surprise.

That's the golden pill period! And there's more than one!!


At this time, a whimper came, and I saw that as the wound healed itself, Xu Ming also woke up leisurely.